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Asian Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - Case Study Example

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This study "Asian Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art" discusses the basic differences between Chinese and Indian art and analysis of a piece of art to unearth its history, the artist’s motives and expression. This study considers the description and evaluation of the piece of Art…
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Asian Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Download file to see previous pages The Asian collection of Artworks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art contains a large number of Artworks from Asian countries. It is renowned for its collection of Chinese and Indian Artworks displayed. 
The Asian collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art includes a wide range of Artworks from different cultures from Asia. The collection includes gifts from philanthropists who collected different types of Artworks from different cultures in Asia. Besides, the collection covers the 4000-year history of Asian Art. Some important differences between the Chinese and Indian art objects which represent the Asian Art are mentioned below.
The Chinese collection includes Calligraphy and painting which represent its rich tradition of Art. Carol Michaelson and Jane Portal opine that: “Chinese painting is quite different from brightly colored Western oil painting” (Michaelson and Portal 8) the tradition of painting in China is entirely different from the Western form of an oil painting. Besides, the Art works represent the history of different dynasties that ruled over China for centuries. For instance, the word ‘Model of a watchtower’ represents the Eastern Han dynasty in ancient China. But the Indian collection is different from Chinese works. The difference between Chinese Art can be seen in the usage of colors, medium, and theme. The favorite medium of Indian Artists includes paper and cloth. For instance, the work ‘Mahavira Sitting at the Top of the Universe: Folio from a Kalpasutra Manuscript, 15th century’ is in the paper. The favorite theme of Indian artists includes stories from sacred texts. In addition, red is a dominant color in Indian Artworks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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