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How museums institutions shape the art world and in turn, how art and artists have critiqued and sometimes transformed these institutions - Research Paper Example

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For some, it may be an entertainment, but for most it is an educational institution that highlights the importance of certain things that existed in the history…
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How museums institutions shape the art world and in turn, how art and artists have critiqued and sometimes transformed these institutions
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Extract of sample "How museums institutions shape the art world and in turn, how art and artists have critiqued and sometimes transformed these institutions"

Download file to see previous pages t goes back to the early 1866 in Paris when a group of Americans decided to create an institution and gallery of art so that the art and art education could reach to the people of America. The New York State Legislation then incorporated the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the Incorporation Act in 1870. The purpose of this act was to allow the Metropolitan Museum to serve as a Museum and Art Library in the city and further encourage and develop the study of fine arts and the application of arts in advancing the general knowledge.
Eastman Johnson was the artist who acted as the co-founder of the museum, and the former Civil War Officer was the first director under the guidance of whom the holdings of the museum consisted of a roman stone sarcophagus and 174 European paintings.
Since its formation, Metropolitan Museum of Art had many additions to its outside view and the building. It also had many additions in its collection of Art works, and is now holding some of America’s best art contributions. There are seventeen separate departments for the collections in Metropolitan. Each of the departments has specialised staff and a department of scientific research and conservation. The permanent collection that the museum holds includes paintings and sculptures of almost all the European masters, American and modern art, and also holding of the African, Asian, Oceanic, Islamic and Byzantine Art. Furthermore, the museum also has a collection of musical instruments and weapons from all around the world. The museum holds more than 13,000 artworks currently.
Despite the controversies in 2009 related to the book Rogue’s Gallery by the journalist Michael Gross, and the criticisms that the museum faced, they plan to expand their collections and area in the future. The Metropolitan Museum of Art works under the policies of the State and acquires the world-class paintings. They have acquired artworks that hold immense value and have added to the contribution of promoting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“How museums institutions shape the art world and in turn, how art and Research Paper”, n.d.)
How museums institutions shape the art world and in turn, how art and Research Paper. Retrieved from
(How Museums Institutions Shape the Art World and in Turn, How Art and Research Paper)
How Museums Institutions Shape the Art World and in Turn, How Art and Research Paper.
“How Museums Institutions Shape the Art World and in Turn, How Art and Research Paper”, n.d.
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