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Connecting the Visitor Economy and the Hospitality & Event industry/careers - Research Paper Example

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However, this is not the case as attraction sites vary and come in all types. Furthermore, the hospitality industry has influenced even sectors which were not seen as…
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Connecting the Visitor Economy and the Hospitality & Event industry/careers
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Extract of sample "Connecting the Visitor Economy and the Hospitality & Event industry/careers"

Download file to see previous pages Nelson Rockefeller was the first president of MoMA from the year 1939. The museum has been known as the museum that showcased the works of great artists like Picasso and this led to its expansion and early renovations in the year 2002. The museum is self financing and receives 145 million dollars annually minus the profits yet it is an NGO. It faces stiff competition from metropolitan museum of arts, Solomon Guggenheim museum. Whitney museum of American art, museum of the moving image, cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian design museum and American folk art museum. However, Modern Museum of Arts is not all about history and artifacts it has attraction sites. This paper is going to discuss the attraction sites of Metropolitan Museum of Arts, MoMA in comparison to Central World Shopping Mall and Disneyland Bangkok. Moreover, the paper is going to discuss the events hosted by MoMA, their role and how to increase revenue.
MoMA as a museum has numerous attractions in their space. The museum has both contemporary and modern art in its building which is a major attraction of the museum. The architectural design and conceptual framework of the building allows the visitors to interact with art and ideas at the same time and is considered top notch (Lord & Lord, 2009). Its top notch design and mix of art and ideas makes the building a major attraction in this museum. The museum is designed in a way that it has technological interactions and visualizations that makes it possible for visitors to mix art and ideas together. architecture and building designs are now the in thing in visitor attraction since it is used in different sectors but was athing only for hotels and resorts. For example the Bangkok based central world shopping mall also has invested in architecture in that it was designed by one of the best architectures that is Ronald altoon, altoon and partners co ltd and A49. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Connecting the Visitor Economy and the Hospitality & Event Research Paper.
“Connecting the Visitor Economy and the Hospitality & Event Research Paper”, n.d.
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