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Women in Fashion Photography - Essay Example

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The essay analyzes Women in Fashion Photography. Throughout history, artistic representation of the human body in a particular age has guided our understanding of issues such as sexuality, personal identity, gender and ideology of the time and culture in which it is embedded. …
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Women in Fashion Photography
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Extract of sample "Women in Fashion Photography"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Women in Fashion Photography" discovers the Women in the Fashion Photography. Fashion photography is more than a photograph showing the clothes,accessories or the model, it is the creation of a fantasy. It embodies the fashion atmosphere of the moment and the mood of the time in a single image. It is an image that conveys a particular lifestyle,and is different from catalogue photography, which is intended to directly sell clothes. In a catalogue shot, a woman is shaped closer to real proportions in realistic settings, in keeping with the intent of direct marketing, and she looks, albeit a little blankly, at the viewer. In a whole lot of fashion photography, however, the idea is far beyond clothes, it is about a particular fashion orientation, and so the model is fantastical in keeping with the image to be conveyed. She often looks away from the camera, in affected disdain for the women who are looking at her from across a magazine page, unendowed by her attributes that are matchless in drawing the “male gaze”.Good fashion photography is more like a short film, it needs an ambience and a dream, a concept that evolves, and originality and good co-ordination between a whole team of creative people, where the entire look is contrived to a particular attitude or aesthetic. The make-up artists and lighting effects contribute as much to it as the model who provides a blank canvas for the image, and the photographer, who provides the eye through which it is to be viewed.
"We're all brought up on fabulously glamourous Vogue models, and we don't realise that they don't look like that in real life. It is just that the photographers are terribly clever. Women are constantly presented with a false image of beauty that nobody can attain, not even the most beautiful, unless you've got an entourage of make up, wardrobe and hair backing you upI really resent the pressure put on women to alter ourselves" ( Donohoe, 2001)
As fashion photographer Cecil Beaton once summed it up, "Fashion photography is an insidious profession.... It is up to the fashion photographer to create an illusion... it makes the observer see what he should see." With few exceptions, it is not true to life, as documentary or journalistic photographs usually is, nor is the persona projected real, as in the case of portrait photography.

The female body is mainly intended to seduce, to arouse envy and a desire in the audience to become like the woman in the photograph by evoking the feeling one will experience when one uses the featured product. The body in all its glory is made to represent the things the audience does not have, but needs to acquire in order to be as fashionable as the model, and thus encourage the audience to become consumers. With the advent of technology, a majority of fashion photos that portray women with "perfect" bodies are enhanced by modern technology to achieve the effect.
"Photographs are airbrushed or otherwise altered to remove any lines, bumps, or lumps - anything less than "perfection." If the ideal of beauty is physically unattainable, then consumers will never be able to attain the image they want, and therefore there will be an endless demand for new beauty products. This is the reason for the incredible proliferation of the weight-loss, fashion, and cosmetics industries, which are among the largest and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Women in Fashion Photography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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