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Fashion 1980-Now - Identify ONE contemporary fashion theorist - Essay Example

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The essay explores the fashion from 1980th to now. Cindy Sherman is a fashion theorist born in 1954 in Glen Ridge located in New Jersey. In her self-reflective films and photography, she invents myriad guises that grow from a Hollywood starlet to clown to a society matron…
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Fashion 1980-Now - Identify ONE contemporary fashion theorist
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Fashion 1980-Now - Identify ONE contemporary fashion theorist" concerns the fashion from 1980th to now. In this photograph, Cindy Sherman refers to it as The black sheets and states that she thinks of a character that has just woken up from a night on the town. She states that she visualizes the character as someone who has been woken up by the sun and has a bad hangover from drinking. However, this picture depicts a person who is in bed during the day. Her face does not show any emption showing perhaps that the character is feeling empty and has her thoughts far away from the bed she is lying on. This photograph is one of Sherman’s works that has contributed to colored photography seen in contemporary fashion. It has is bright and attractive. The above photography by Sherman presents a horrific but comical and poignant photograph. This photograph shows a person whose face appears closely to that of a woman while the body appears like a man because of the masculinity. The background is dark enabling the color and brightness to come out clearly. This piece of work shows Sherman’s attachment to nature and human value. Here, she emphasizes the fact that having a work that expresses contradictions is very important in the development of art showing that pieces of art can capture more than one subject or present contradictory message. This comes out as of Sherman’s important works. For an artist, representing real life events and happenings through art is an important aspect. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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