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What are the predicaments and advantages of 'being young' in contemporary world societies - Essay Example

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The youth comprises of a sequence of changes from dependence to independence, and from being the beneficiaries of social services to being valuable participants to the economic, political and cultural aspects of a society (Woodward, 2002, p32)…
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What are the predicaments and advantages of being young in contemporary world societies
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Download file to see previous pages The youth comprises of a sequence of changes from dependence to independence, and from being the beneficiaries of social services to being valuable participants to the economic, political and cultural aspects of a society (Woodward, 2002, p32).In the contemporary world, being young has various meanings, but in most societies, it refers to the youth. The word youth has different interpretations and it mainly depends on the context under which it is applied. There are various parameters used to define youth and according to Woodward (2002, p27), youth is a transition stage between childhood and adulthood. The youth comprises of a sequence of changes from dependence to independence, and from being the beneficiaries of social services to being valuable participants to the economic, political and cultural aspects of a society (Woodward, 2002, p32). Concerning age, youth are regarded as young people aged from 15 to 24 years (Lee, 2001 p39. In any given society, differences between groups and individuals are natural occurrence, and it does not necessarily mean that a particular group of people is superior or inferior to another. In this respect, classifying people in given groups does not simply imply existence of inequalities, but it is an indication of diversity. However, Lee (2001, p 41) notes that “development of society is unfortunately the progression of inequality”. This paper investigates the predicaments and advantages of being young in the contemporary world. ...
In this regard, the apparent social structure is an indication that people do not have absolute independence in choosing what to do, but are restricted by the social environment and relationships they form with each other. Therefore, social structure is occasionally considered as synchronised social relation, characterized by regular and recurring elements of the interrelations between members of particular social group (Wilkinson and Pickett, 2009, p 29). As the group becomes larger, the distinct characteristics become abstract and less defined leading to the formation of subcultures (Hebdige, 1979, p33). In small groups, the defining social structure tends to be almost similar to individual characteristics of its members but the larger society. In this regard, each group in social structure has its unique characteristics, but they tend to become more refined and unique as the group becomes smaller. According to Bottero (2005, pp78-84), social life is controlled by time and space, whereby particular social undertakings are conducted at given time. The time available is further subdivided into the periods that are synchronized with the routines in a day, month or year. These activities happen in defined social places, built for that particular uses, such as worship houses, and working places, and learning institutions among others. However, these places are defined by territorial boundaries, and according to Bottero (2005, p 87), property rules define the boundaries. The property rules determine the users or the owners of the particular scarce goods and services. In addition, division of labour whereby people are structured to participate in various income generating activities to sustain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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