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The Impact of Avedon and Vreelands Cooperation in the Fashion and Photography Industry From the 1950s - Essay Example

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This paper "The Impact of Avedon and Vreeland’s Cooperation in the Fashion and Photography Industry From the 1950’s" focuses on the fact that in modern history, Richard Avedon is recognized among the most significant photographers who narrowed their profession by concentrating on fashion. …
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The Impact of Avedon and Vreelands Cooperation in the Fashion and Photography Industry From the 1950s
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Avedon and Vreelands Cooperation in the Fashion and Photography Industry From the 1950s"

Download file to see previous pages While working at Harper’s Bazaar, Avedon met Diana Vreeland and together they collaborated in changing fashion photography from the perceptions of the previous era where models were shot from within the walls of studios. Their fashion photography was based on shooting from outside where models would be free to express themselves in a natural way. This essay explores the impact of Avedon and Vreeland’s cooperation in the fashion and photography industry from the 1950s.

Vreeland’s journey in the fashion industry began when she opened lingerie in London with the business attracting high profile clients during the time among them being Wallis Simpson, who went on to become the Duchess of Windsor. A few years later, Vreeland was offered a job to be a columnist at the Harper’s Bazaar when the editor in chief, Carmel Snow, saw her dancing during a function at one of New York’s hotels. The editor in chief was mesmerized by gracefulness with which Vreeland danced in addition to her dressing which ensured she stood out from the rest. Although she had never been employed before, Vreeland took the chance due to her vast interests in fashion (Vreeland, 2011).

Vreeland launched her column called "Why Don't You…?" in the pages of Harpers Bazaar where she got the chance to work with the legendary art director Alexey Brodovitch for close to ten years. During the years, Vreeland used her knowledge in fashion which she had developed since childhood to introduce bolder hues of wearing clothes. Vreeland motivated her audience to break away from what was conventional and try new ideas by asking them fantasize what was not already in fashion as a way of being innovate. It was this ability to entice her audience that kept her at Harper’s Bazaar for years where she rose to be the magazine’s fashion editor (Vreeland, 2011).

Richard Avedon first met Diana Vreeland when he joined Harper’s Bazaar to start his career as a photographer who was to cover celebrity events for the magazine.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Impact of Avedon and Vreelands Cooperation in the Fashion and Pho Essay, n.d.)
The Impact of Avedon and Vreelands Cooperation in the Fashion and Pho Essay.
(The Impact of Avedon and Vreelands Cooperation in the Fashion and Pho Essay)
The Impact of Avedon and Vreelands Cooperation in the Fashion and Pho Essay.
“The Impact of Avedon and Vreelands Cooperation in the Fashion and Pho Essay”.
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