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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Analysis of “Some like It Hot” 1. Introduction ‘Some Like It Hot’ is an American comedy film claimed to be one of the funniest movies in the history American films (Straayer 402). It was directed by Billey Wilder and was released in the late 1950s…
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Some like it hot
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Download file to see previous pages The whole story is about two musicians a saxophone player and a double bass player from a jazz band in Chicago. They witness the Valentine's Day Massacre and later come to learn that they are the only witnesses. The gangsters perpetrating the murders unfortunately see them at the murder scene and start looking for the Joe and Jerry. On noting that their lives are in danger due to the gangsters’ increased search, they flee the state. The only way they can get out of town safely is by joining a female band and disguising themselves as women so that both the women and gangsters would not spot them. The female band’s vocalist is Sweet Sue while the manager was Bienstock. They disguised themselves and changed their names to Daphne (Jerry) and Josephine (Joe). To blend in, Joe and Jerry imitated what other women from the band are doing. Through this they learn how to walk on heels and talk like women. At first, they find it hard to adapt to the new situation but later on learn more of women stuff through their recently made friend, Sugar Kane. Additionally, both musicians had a crush on Kane. Once in Miami, Joe and Jerry change their ways of life and are ready for commitments unlike when they were womanizers back in Chicago. They also go through a lot while disguised as women such as the Osgood case, who was an infertile millionaire looking for a woman to stop his impotence. Osgood lures Kane and Jerry to be his wives but later dismisses them and the story ends after Osgood decides to marry Daphne (Jerry). The film was 122 minutes long and has been nominated for several awards in the movie industry. II. Body: As compared to the type of movies that are produced today, the writer and producer of ‘Some like It Hot’ emerged to be one of the best off all times. He divided the movie into three main acts and each preview needed the characters to expose different traits. These three acts include one before Joe and Jerry left Chicago, the other when they booked the train to Miami and finally the act where they were in Miami looking for true and sensitive love. A. Act 1: it begins while Joe and Jerry are musicians in Chicago. Jerry played double base for the bad while Joe was a saxophone player. They were known to be womanizers irrespective of their low paying jobs. On the contrary, the act also introduces cruel criminals who execute the Valentine’s Day massacre. This provides a ‘gangster feeling’ to the audience which creates suspense whether the two musicians will be caught or not. They are also the reason as to why act two comes to place. They start looking for their only two witnesses, Joe and Jerry who decide to run away for their lives. Joe and Jerry bring the trait of cross-dressing where they have to dress as women so as to blend in into an all female band led by Kane. B. Act 2: Here, the two musicians prepare to leave for Miami by boarding a train with the female group they have joined. At first, the act brings out the funniest part of the film where they try walking in high heels. This also brings the cross dressing which is their only way to survive. While disguised, they become part of the ‘woman life’ and get to know some secrets through Susan. They also have access to private conversations of other band members who are not aware of the disguise. Susan tells them a brief story of her love life. She claims that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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