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You are what you eat: the Culture of Food in the Arab World - Essay Example

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The Arabic world consists of many different dialects locally with each country having its own dialects.Despite the many different dialects, most neighbouring Arabic countries can easily understand each other’s dialects …
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You are what you eat: the Culture of Food in the Arab World
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"You are what you eat: the Culture of Food in the Arab World"

Download file to see previous pages Regardless of this difference in addition to the place they come from; Hegarty and O'Mahony (2001) reveal that all Arabs have a clear understanding of the Standard Arabic Language meaning they all can communicate. It is this language factor that underpins the union of or rather the bond that binds together all Arabs (Nabhan, 2006). Other elements of the Arabic culture including music, traditional clothing and food also have great variations from country to country although the variations are not very significant. Edelstein (2010) posits that each Arab country creates a difference in its culture by injecting or infusing a slight flavour from neighbouring non-Arab nations into their culture. This document sets out to explore the major cultures of food in the Arab world. In addition, the paper proceeds to give a brief assessment of the different food cultures in few selected Arab-speaking countries. Globally, each country has got their cooking habits as well as special recipes for cooking certain special foods that ultimately contribute to the countries’ general health of the residents. By now, most of us are familiar with the phrase you are what you eat as it typically addresses the consciousness with which people should be with when deciding on what to eat. This saying has resulted in the development of a commercial advertisement where customers leave a donut shop in costumes shaped like the donut they consumed; a direct indicator that you become like a donut when you eat one and if you don’t want to become one; then eat healthier foods (Edwards, 2006). Despite the fact that there are unhealthy and healthy eaters; research from different countries reveals that the differences in the state of health is as a result of the types of meals that these people eat regularly. The continuing increase in globalization has mass impacts on the food cultures of different countries. Today, countries have begun including recipes from different nations around the world in planning of their meals. A suitable example is with Asian countries where red meat was rarely consumed - approximately once in a month – in the past and has now started to feature in most of their diets as they continue with the acceptance of recipes from the west (Edwards, 2006). In addition, Edwards (2006) reveals that the number of people suffering from diabetes and cancer from this region has been on the increase corresponding with the changes in their typical habits of eating. The Arabic Cuisine In the Arabic world, sharing of a meal with others is an expression of the hosts’ hospitality in addition to being an old honoured tradition. In the Arabic language, Tafathalo is a term used to invite one to the table and it means do me the honour (Ishige, 2008). The Arabic cuisine mainly combines Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Indian food; an effect brought about the constant mingling of Arabs and non-Arabs that continues to grow. Furthermore, other European cultures like Italian, Spanish, Greek and French have had a hand to play in the changes in the Arab cooking. However, these effects are felt from different geographical locations, for instance, the Indian and Persian cuisine impacted the eastern Arab countries while the whole Arab world was impacted by the entry of the Turkish cuisine (Hegarty and O'Mahony, 2001). Ingredients As earlier noted, the Arabic cuisine is a mixture of a wealthy diversity of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Indian food (Hegarty and O'Mahony, 2001). The most common items found include cinnamon, fish mostly in coastal areas, curry powder, lamb/veal, garlic, mint, mild to hot sauces, rice, onion, sesame, saffron, spices same to the Indian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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