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Taiwan - Essay Example

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Plus, there are commonly consumed food types which are soy, pork, sweet potatoes, chicken and sea food. Since Taiwan is an island therefore, abundance of sea food like grouper, prawns, lobsters, shrimps, bigeye tuna, red frog crab,…
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Download file to see previous pages the fresh vegetables (turnips, carrots, cabbage) and other ingredients like spices (ginger, anise, salt, sesame oil and chilli peppers) with variety of sauces involve nutritional preserving methods of cooking like sautéing, boiling, steaming and stir frying.
Taiwanese eat frequently and usually three to four times a day but commonly breakfast, lunch evening snack and dinner are taken. However, they also take snacks in the evening before dinner and the most popular of them are Guan Cai ban, Yu Wan (fish ball) and meat ball and rice noodles, Yong Ho soya bean milk, chicken rice (Ji Rou Fen), pearl milk tea and etc.
In Taiwan food is usually shared among the family members during breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner. All the family members eat and dine together and at a same time from the traditional hot pot in winters.
Since the teachings and values of Confusion (obligation of individuals to one another) are very deeply rooted in the region. Therefore, women of the house are usually given the responsibility to prepare meals for the family.
Families usually eat in their living rooms, but since after industrialization wave a popular way to eat was bien dang, this box contains all varieties of food like beans, vegetables, fish or pork with noodles or rice. The price is cheap in comparison to homemade meals; therefore, eating outside is much more common in Taiwan than any other place. There are many varieties available in bien dang like chicken, pork, vegetable they occur due to diverse ethnic nature of the region. Super markets do not sell their goods on whole sale prices that is why grocery becomes expensive for the buyers and they opt for readymade meals like bien dang which are cheap.
Staple food noodles, rice or any other would be consumed with chop sticks. Meals are served in round small bowls usually especially if it’s liquid plus meat food. The bowl is kept close to the chin and chop sticks are used to eat the firm parts of the food.
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Taiwan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words - 1.
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