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(1) Explain the cinematic appeal of Greek mythological subject-matter. The culture and mythology of the ancient world have been a favourite subject matter of cinema since its inception. Between the edges of bold images of the colourful and the absurd on the one hand and devoted endeavours at the exact and, at times, the awe-inspiring on the other, movies that portray the ancient world or depict its mythical subject matters reveal the appeal the ancient world has constantly roused in audiences’ imagination…
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Download file to see previous pages Greek mythologies can also create settings of imaginative entertainment. In these instances the ancient myths could become filled with an imaginative art and intellect not clearly obvious to an ordinary audience. Genre cinema, like war or western, which on the surface is totally remote or different from the classical period, could still use themes or plots known from the distant past, especially those about heroes, gods, and goddesses. Greek mythology has a lasting cinematic appeal. These myths continue to exist and attract filmmakers not because they really happened or merely creations of the imagination but because they are believed to be facts in popular culture. The cinema may not portray the traditional renditions of the mythologies but it depicts widely accepted ideas, the occurrences people usually resort to for simple, practical stories which relate to their actual experiences and can be used in their everyday endeavours. These myths explain life’s most important concerns and provide tales to live by. We do not have to believe in the tales of Greek mythologies, but we may believe that there is power within us that we can draw upon to wrestle injustice. These Greek mythologies also express innate and religious principles of golden ages. There are obviously numerous similarities between religious experiences and movie watching. A film based on Greek mythology merges entertainment with religious intentions. Although cinema obliges the mythological characters to be portrayed as plain human beings and their behaviours and deeds have to be shown rationally, it is quite easy for a lot of moviegoers to appreciate things that are impossible or that challenge reason, like miracles. When cinema attempts to portray impossible things in a scientific way, it loses its marvel and fascination for the divine. A lot of audiences take pleasure in the wonder and awe of Greek mythologies portrayed through cinematic effects. The connection of the audiences to the cinematic gods and goddesses could be attributed to the typical devices of character attachment and the affinity that an audience could develop for cinematic characters. In fact, one of the strongest appeals of Greek mythologies is viewing one’s created heroes, gods, and goddesses on film. Cinema gives life to the mythological characters. Cinema also enables fascination and glamour in that the filmmakers can pick fine-looking, attractive actors; locations can be lavish or delicate; and the soundtrack is performed by the most talented artists. Silent cinema, in particular, expresses an insatiable enthusiasm for myths of ancient Greece. Greece offered special effects, the supernatural, desires, and fantasy. Film representation of Greece mythologies and heroes bear an intense physical power; their images are entertaining, their imagination unhindered by the pressures of history, and their language is simple. But it is essential to bear in mind that their main characters depict not only the sexual conventions of 1950s’ film than those of classical Greece. The myth of the Greek hero has clear similarities with western hero mythology, which partly explains Greek mythology’s cinematic appeal. Main themes like adventure, bloodshed, and immortality persistently reappear in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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