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The Greeks were purely democratic; they had no single leader but instead ruled by the oligarchy that was elected by the common man. Conversely, the Roman government system was primed on semi-democracy…
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Ancient Rome and Greek art
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Thesis: Both Medieval Europe and Rome had similar expressions of art. But it was Medieval Europe that adapted art from ancient Rome, which on the other hand, borrowed art from the Greeks.
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The Greeks were purely democratic; they had no single leader but instead ruled by the oligarchy that was elected by the common man. Conversely, the Roman government system was primed on semi-democracy. They had a ruling senate, which comprised of wealthy magnates. Moreover, the political power of the Romans was wholly in the hands of a solitary monarch.
The ruins of the primordial world like Ephesus, Pergamum, Pompeii and Volubilus attest to the fact that the Greeks and Romans were exceptional builders. Tourist by the suck load today still give special and pure regard to the ruins in Athens and Rome. The buildings that were constructed at this ancient and medieval time have lasted and passed the test of time. It ought to be noted that these buildings still possess the intricate talent of the builders’ skill to date. In Medieval Europe around 1000-1300 A.D., however, the architectures and builders adapted the ancient Roman art and architecture, which they used in building historical landmarks The architecture of medieval Europe should be associated with genius. Matter of factly, people of medieval Europe and the Romans were exceptional builders. Their architecture was both tremendous and restrained.
On the same length, the expression of art was considerably left by those works which survived the classical age because the medieval art was religiously influenced. Medieval Europe adapted a lot of things from the Romans. These include art and architecture and theatre The Romans were endowed with building comparatively superior roads that were well connected to each other. This was a style that was well adapted across Europe. The architecture behind the construction of Monarchs such like the Charlemagne can be rooted back to the Greco-Roman period.
Unlike the visual ancient Roman art, medieval art emerged from the artist legacy of the Roman Empire, and partly from some Christian traditions of the early church. These were interspersed with the dynamic barbarian artistic culture of northern Europe to make exceptional artistic heritage. Come to think of, the chronicler of the medieval history makes us view the possibility of interaction amid the rudiments of orthodox, early Christian and barbarian art. Far from the recognized characteristics of orthodox, there was persistent culture of practical portrayal of things that lived through the Byzantine art. It is common knowledge that the art IN Italy took a visual form. Furthermore; these Roman paintings carried important messages with variety of themes. Theses themes included portraits, scenarios of daily life and somewhat mythological subjects.
Romans and Greeks were great lovers of theatre; the ancient Greek theatre was concerned with tragedy, which depicted the downfall of great men and women. The Greeks also showed lewd comedy that was so zesty and objective that it could be suppressed today. The Romans on the other hand, used and favored satire; the use of satire was by far an intelligent way of poking fun at the present tribulations and public figures.

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