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Odysseus - Ancient History - Research Paper Example

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The writer of this essay discusses Odysseus who can deceive the greatest enemy and make them follow the instructions made to be followed for their downfall; can deceive the nation as well at any time. But one cannot deceive nature which is the ultimate power…
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Odysseus - Ancient History
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Extract of sample "Odysseus - Ancient History"

Download file to see previous pages This bow was possessed by a Great War hero of the past abounded by Greeks themselves ten years ago at the island of Lemons. War hero Philoctetes was left on the island by Greeks as they believed that Philoctetes was carrying a wound with which he cannot survive. After ten years of continuous struggle, in order to capture Troy. Greek army learned from an oracle that the city cannot be conquered unless Philoctetes, having the intended bow of Hercules, come to their rescue. To persuade Philoctetes for helping them they sent a person named Diomed (Odysseus). Diomed succeeded in his mission and got to the Greek camp to share the victory. This simple story was converted into drama and few films are also based on this story. It was first converted into the dramatic plot by Aeschylus, representing Philoctetes as a person who was embittered by his sufferings due to an abundance of Greek army he had served for. His attitude towards Greeks was very hostile as expected. Diomed narrated as Odysseus in the dramatic plot, therefore, was assigned with a difficult task. He concealed his identity because of the reason that, if recognized by Philoctetes; it was sure that he will be killed. He also managed to win the trust from Philoctetes by telling him a fantasized story about the miserable condition of the Greek army having the continuous defeat on the front of Troy. He gained possession of bow and fraud Philoctetes. Philoctetes was once again deprived of even his means of living. Odysseus introduced himself and his real identity. He was then successful in persuading Philoctetes to come with him to Troy. This plot made this story to reach its heights yet the dramatic flavor of Aeschylus, in my opinion, was missing. Aeschylus no doubt set an example for the others to follow and add flavor to the story. Euripides followed the example set by Aeschylus. He also introduced a fresh interest in the story by introducing Trojan ambassadors who came to the island to fight against the plan of Odysseus and expose his real identity to Philoctetes. Philoctetes was off course in doubt about the identity of Philoctetes; Trojan ambassadors arrived at that time and tried to make Philoctetes aware and reject all the offers made by Greeks. Against this lobby of Trojans Odysseus also replied in order to stop them. He tried to raise emotion of patriotism in the heart of Philoctetes. It created an interesting climax in the dramatic plot. Philoctetes fall to this emotion of patriotism and went in favor to join the Greek army again. These two plots were focused on the character of Odysseus and audiences were listening to the character played by Odysseus up to this point. Sophocles which came at the last of the chain of the writers of the plot tried to change the focus of audiences from Odysseus to Philoctetes. Sophocles converted the whole plot in order to create deep interest and have a Psychological impact on the audiences or viewers also. Neoptolemus a new and young who was never seen or listened by Philoctetes was introduced in the play. Neoptolemus did not require hiding his identity as he was unknown and a complete stranger for Philoctetes. Neoptolemus was guided by Odysseus in the background. As Neoptolemus gains the possession of the bow, Odysseus appears from behind. Later Neoptolemus was ashamed for his fraud with a war hero. He returns the possession of bow to Philoctetes. At this point, audiences feel that all the situation of the play had reached a deadlock.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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