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Humanities greek/ roman literature - Admission/Application Essay Example

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It is also frequently connected to a system of education with a definitive mode of enquiry that was present in Europe and England through the 13th…
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Humanities greek/ roman literature
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Humanism among the Greek and Romans was a popular classical literature. The fathers of this concept provided it with a basic literature structure and methods that were contributors to the development of various forms of literature that are still relevant today. The literature that developed from humanism, as expected, was full of humanity virtues including the eloquence that is the basic quality that enriched them with exclusive aesthetic quality. Odyssey, a major ancient Greek epic poem is one form of literature whose development was contributed to by the Greek/Roman humanism. This paper will explore the impact of the humanism concepts in the development of odyssey. The paper will be guided by the thesis that the humanism concepts were responsible for the development and sustenance of the Greek literature.
Humanism has been applied in the literature to describe how the Greeks and Romans structured their traditional literature to put in the human experience and humanity values in play. The odyssey represents a struggle of human to succeed. In humanism, success is an attribute of a human beings. It is for this connection that the human beings repeatedly seek success. The Greeks considered success in human beings as not merely an action, but a habit that is repeated severally. Activities that surrounds humanity, therefore, are in efforts to seek humanism success and evade circumstances that put the person under mercies beyond his control. In Homer’s work The Odyssey, the struggles of Odysseus against the unfriendly conditions prevents his return home. In the literature work, we see Odysseus struggle with harsh environment, stranded in the islands, held hostage and blown crosswise over oceans for more than two decades. These are the harsh conditions that he is made to live with. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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