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Clip Analysis - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Clip Analysis” the author analyzes the cinematic techniques of clip making. When looking at the cinematic techniques used in this clip it is easy to easy that there are quite a few.  Starting from the aerial shot whereby either a plane or an individual has taken the shot. …
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Clip Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Looking at the clip at first the viewer sees a slowing down truck in a place surrounded by hills. In the front seats of the trucks are two men. The sky is clear blue and the place looks quiet with no signs of any other people living there. The truck comes to a standstill and the one driving first comes out and then followed by the other leaving the doors ajar. The second man the returns back to his seat and starts perusing for something at the front side windscreen he then seats patiently listening to some music as he shakes his head along to the music (, 2012). The song seems to be a love song judging by the words. One of the people finally shout that they have seen and heard the train and behind the truck emerges other people who join the two men in running towards where they have seen the train. The train however passes on at a very fast speed and despite the group’s efforts to try to reach it their efforts prove futile. We see the group of people reaching the train tracks and even though they wave frantically for the trainman to stop the train, it does not stop. The group is left there heaving and panting for breathe due to the fast running (, 2012). What interests me most about the clip is the view in which the location of the film is setup. The cool and quiet atmosphere is most striking mainly because we are used to the noisy surrounding of the city. The way the group of people seems to be together is also fascinating. Many large groups of people are usually not decided in what they want. or they are always at loggerheads with each other. Therefore, it is interesting to the way this group patiently waits for the train.
Viewing the film one can deduce that the main theme is about getting on the train and freedom. The subjects in this film seem to be tired and weary of the life they are living and thus they want to take the train and get to somewhere far, where they can start their life over. This is why they are in a large group so that they will comfort each other in their journey to freedom and in search of a better life.
When looking at the cinematic techniques used in this clip it is easy to easy that there are quite a few. Starting from the aerial shot whereby either a plane or an individual has taken the shot. There is also deep focus, which comes out when the viewer sees the subjects from extremely near the camera. For instance when we are shown the two men at the front side of the truck and everything that they are doing. There is also the panoramic view shot where the subjects are shown from a far distance. For instance when the group of people are running toward the train and also the train itself; both are shot from an extremely long shot. There is the dollying where subjects are shot as they are on the move. This again in the clip happens when the group of people all runs in the direction of the train and the train itself.
These days there are very many people who are coming up with films about different subjects. Some of these directors are extremely good and have been in the business for a long time but others are just amateurs whose sole aim is to make quick money (Prunes and Litch, 2002). Unfortunately, the film industry does not work this way; it needs people who have the passion as well as experience in order for people to appreciate their films (, 2012). Judging from this film it is good but it could have been done in a much better way especially with the cinematic techniques. The lighting in this clip for instance is extremely poor as the viewer is unable to see clearly the subject’s faces and even what they are doing. This makes the audience unable to relate to the subjects and the theme of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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