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Cutural Belief Systems among Societies Formed and Transformed through the New Mass Medium - Essay Example

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Cultural Belief Systems among Societies Formed and Transformed through the New Mass Medium The mass media especially news-based websites, is becoming pervasive and the accusation about its role in promoting elicit behavior is increasingly overwhelming. Vioporn has become relatively a staple topic in most of the website news presentation and entertainment…
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Cutural Belief Systems among Societies Formed and Transformed through the New Mass Medium
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Download file to see previous pages This exposure of vioporn to the media has also been attributed to the increasing cases of criminal sexual behavior such as rape. Feminist organizations, hence, have expressed their concern on the negative effects of vioporn on men’s behavior towards women. As a result issues such as sexism have occurred as a function of violent pornography (vioporn). Violent pornography in the media websites has been widely associated with anti-woman thoughts and acts. Hence the attitude of men towards women is major cultural factor affected by vioporn. Therefore, the effects of people getting exposed to vioporn have remained elusive. According to liberalist views, violent pornography has led to negligible negative effect as well as beneficial effects to the society’s culture. Therefore there is the need to define the extent to which pornography can be violent and beneficial or violent and harmful. According to the conservatives, the negative effect of vioporn on individual cultural values as well as social institutions and evidence implying changes is considered significant. Despite the finding of the three groups that is the radical feminist, conservatives and the liberalist, there is lack of reliable findings applicable to the issue. News-based websites have popularized violent behavior in the society whereby vioporn is one of such behavior. The manner in which this topic is treated both in news and entertainment by such websites has often been highly sensitive, irresponsible and totally inaccurate. Some of these websites include Yahoo News, Google News, and MSNCB News among others. These various websites tend to portray vioporn and suggest targeting selected viewers, mostly adults. The websites as well have been flooded with images of females who are usually victims, prey or even targets of the effect of such vioporn. Today the society has been saturated by such news as vioporn to the extent that they are viewed as normal behavior despite the consequences. As a result of such presentations the society has increasingly become used to such views and watching them has become part of leisure time activity. With the increasing technological developments, individuals tend to plug to media websites in order to establish who they are. Thus it is much of what is in the media that determines the individual behavior. Owing to this, the issue of watching vioporn is no doubt what will be an obvious part of human beings’ leisure activity. The media is becoming increasingly influential through its various websites to an extent that it provides the individual’s cultural training ground. Today most of what people practice in their daily chores is acquired from what they view in the mass media. Website Analysis The Business Insider is a website that mainly focuses on news related to business, entertainment, lifestyle, science and technology, sports and local news. The site is a favorite spot for catching on international news especially for those interested in the business and entertainment worlds. In an article written by Nicholas Carlson, the website reveals with considerable seriousness the level to which Yahoo, as a news-based website, hosts hardcore porn while advertising products on the same page. The article entitled Yahoo Hosts Hardcore Porn And Sells Ads Against It – Advertisers React With "Outrage", demonstrates using a picture the kind of media content that yahoo presents besides its news (Carlson par 1). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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