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Film Fight Club 00:00:35.00:04:00analysis - Essay Example

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Fight Club Analysis Name: Institution: In the course of developing of a film, the director is expected to take a wide array of factors into consideration. For instance, a director should identify the most appropriate filming techniques, while accounting for aspects like camera work, lighting, cinematic composition and the sound track (Buckland, 2000)…
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Film Fight Club 00:00:35.00:04:00analysis
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"Film Fight Club 00:00:35.00:04:00analysis"

Download file to see previous pages David Fincher’s classic movie “Fight Club” encompasses many of these considerations, as discussed further hereunder. This paper’ principal concern is to analyze the movie’s soundtrack for the first four minutes, with particular interest in its role. This intriguing and dark, yet comic movie revolves around a nameless narrator who externalizes his subconscious personality, as a distinct character named Tyler Durdin. The latter disengages the unnamed storyteller from his previous pretexts, while living in a highly materialistic society. He achieves this through self obliteration, like burning his house, resigning from his occupation, and living recklessly. He also gets rid of his worldly possessions and together with Tyler; they form a Fight Club, which is a covert organization where members destroy themselves, as well as, government institutions (Phares, 2013). As the movie begins, the soundtrack features the song "Stealing Fat", performed by The Dust Brothers. This song falls under the genre of heavy rock music and it brings about an instant adrenaline rush among the audience. This sound seeks to show the audience that, the film has action elements. The sound also depicts the forthcoming fast pace, characteristic of most action films. Additionally, the immense dynamism and great rhythm, prepare the audience for an exhilarating watching experience (Buckland, 2000). As the film progresses, there is a transition from The Dust Brothers’ "Stealing Fat" to a song by the same group known as "Corporate World". This music, consisting of an intriguing combination of guitar tunes, large bass tempo, a techno drumming beat, as well as, interesting keyboard effects, creates a rather interesting melody. This music’s intent is to give the audience an exciting sensation of relentlessness, such as that associated with the corporate world. The music then gradually adopts a slower tempo, with reduced percussion beats and lengthening guitar, as well as, keyboard effects. This happens as the narrator begins his therapy sessions, thus inducing a sense of sympathy among the audience. This music is supposed to enable those watching to identify with the narrator’s predicament. The music’s lengthened melody is also supposed to ensure that the audience remains engaged, as suspense rises, since they wonder what will happen next and if the character will overcome his troubles or cave under pressure. In one of these early scenes, there is a clash between Tyler Durden and another man named Norton. This is where the narrator informs the audience that he experiences a feeling of enlightenment and safety. It is also during this close-up, when the audience hears the sound of chanting, like that produced by Buddhist Monks. The invisibility of the on-screen sound source, of an apparent human sound is what is referred to as a non-diegetic sound, in music studies. This chanting sound is supposed to add a dramatic effect to the movie. Additionally, the chanting is utilized to show the audience, the protagonist’s contemplative state of mind. This sound also seeks to smoothly guide those watching, from a thoughtful scene to a new one, which displays Norton’s life and character outside the Fight Club, as well as, when he is not hallucinating about Tyler Durden (Phares, 2013). As mentioned earlier, cinematic symphony is imperative while making any movie and it is especially evident in the “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Film Fight Club 00:00:35.00:04:00analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Film Fight Club 00:00:35.00:04:00analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Film Fight Club 00:00:35.00:04:00analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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