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xxxxx Student No. 12345 TOURISM (RESTAURANT PROJECT) Professor: ABC University of XYZ Department of xxxxxx 02 November, 2011 Table of Contents Contents Page No 1. Introduction 03 2. Business Idea: Fast Food Franchise 03 3. UK Fast Food Industry: Literature Review 04 4…
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Tourism: Restaurant Project
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Download file to see previous pages Security Issues in Fast Food Restaurant 15 Bibliography 17 1. Introduction This proposal has been prepared after making a comprehensive research and analysing various issues regarding fast food industry. The main objective of this proposed project is to highlight the critical issues for successful launching of a new fast food restaurant in Cambridge and to attain a competitive edge against well established rivalries in the market. Cambridge Fast Food Franchise (CFFF) is a small domestic fast food outlet in Cambridge which is intended to transform itself into a fast food restaurant by means of innovative and resourceful strategies towards the entity's impression and in-depth manifestation. Cambridge Fast Food Franchise (CFFF) is furnishing a mixture of wonderful foodstuff and future plan is to offer unparallel food at discount rates with entertaining environment. CFFF will address the general public for local recipes, Italian dishes, as well as Chinese and Indian food. The major aim is to offer the customers with highest quality services and products to keep them staying again and again. CFFF believes that by getting crucial financial support through its sale within first two years, it will be able to capture 10-20% of the fast food market in Cambridge. The project has estimated that it will enjoy a 37.3% profit for its investment by the end of April, 2013. 2. Business Idea: Fast Food Franchise Fast food is a foodstuff that is readily available and dished up promptly at sites known as fast-food bistros. This is the multi-billion dollar business which inturn keeps on progressing extremely fast around numerous international locations. A fast-food franchise is somewhat different from fast-food points as it is recognized from nominal service and by meals simultaneously which may be presented immediately soon after placing the order. The food items around such dining places is usually prepared in volume upfront plus preserved hot for its reuse. A lot of fast food restaurants are sections of reputable restaurants or franchise's, while standard food products are supplied to every eating venue through main sites. As compared to some other food businesses, the budget fundamentals to set up a fast-food restaurant are comparatively compact in UK, especially at locations consisting of low and medium earning community. Mostly eateries wherever people sit a while and enjoy their lunch or dinner are also measured as fast food (Luffman & Sanderson, 2001). Fast Food Restaurant at Cambridge has proposed to offer the customers with a huge variety in terms of its menu products. Derived from the mentioned food items, the proposal suggests that CFF must offer low-priced combo food to its consumers. The proposed combo meal offers will contribute to increase the traffic to the restaurant. This is really appealing to undertake a sizable diversity of food products to grab an increased niche. However, in the beginning CFF must be watchful in deciding upon appropriate products containing maximum approval so that the marketing size will go over the expenses of original set up and expected income. When the restaurant will attain a regular profits in routine, additional products such as Barbeque might be added in and likewise desserts will be the most beneficial prospective. If situations call for stuff apart from the planned menus, CFF will have to come up with rapid improvements in the menus earlier than it may get under way loosing out clients. 3. UK Fast ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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