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Affect of Global Trends on Leadership at McDonalds and the Fast Food Industry - Research Paper Example

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The reporter casts light upon the fact that Globalization has impacted various industries throughout the world in a number of ways. Moreover, the fast-food industry has over the years also felt an impact of globalization…
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Affect of Global Trends on Leadership at McDonalds and the Fast Food Industry
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Extract of sample "Affect of Global Trends on Leadership at McDonalds and the Fast Food Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The US-based retail store, McDonald’s has made its entrance in the foreign markets for expanding its market in fast food globally. It has 30,000 restaurants in at least 119 countries with a serving capacity to near about 50 million on a daily basis. It has been leading in the global market with its renowned and valuable brand. They focus on high-quality customer service in order to earn trust from their stakeholders (Centre for Responsible Business, 2005).
Fast food has a great demand in the global world. It has a great influence on our lifestyle and culture. According to ‘US Fast Food Market Outlook 2010’, the trend of fast food is growing; as a result, it leads to the development of overall restaurant industry. The US fast food industry is growing dynamically despite being struck by the economic turmoil. Fast food has a detrimental effect on the health of the people especially children and the younger generation. (PRLog, 2009).
Obesity is growing globally and is causing health problems among every generation. It has been observed that the percentage of obesity is rising among the young children and as a result, it brings risk to their health. In this present world, fast food is growing rapidly for its cheap price level and easy availability. But they contain the high percentage of salt, fats or sugars. When it becomes a part of a daily lifestyle, then it certainly increases the chance of obesity (Currie & Et. Al., 2009).
People suffering from overweight along with obesity have increased considerably in the United States. Obesity has nowadays turned out to be a disease of epidemic proportions. Due to the fact that maximum people are obese, it can be estimated that in the United States 1 out of 3 people is obese. Excessive fast-food accessibility results in obesity and overweight. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 64% of the U.S adults and 15% of children and youngsters are overweight.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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