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Lysistrata Unbound fit as a prequel to Aristophanes' original play - Essay Example

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Name of of Professor Course 21 February 2013 Lysistrata Unbound Fits as a Prequel to Aristophanes Lysistrata Introduction The play Lysistrata unbound by Aristophanes set the tone for the understanding of the plight of women during war times. The play centers on the role of the Greek women in finding a lasting end to the Peloponnesian war…
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Lysistrata Unbound fit as a prequel to Aristophanes original play
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Download file to see previous pages She tries to achieve this by asking the Greek women to deny their husbands of sex until an agreement had been reached to ceasefire (Aristophanes 26). She had an arrangement with the elderly women in Athens to capture Akropolis, which serve as the central point of both the Athenians and the Spartans. The essence of the plan by Lysistrata was just to point out the negative effects of war on the women, as they seem to be more concerned about the welfare of the society. As the play progresses, the chorus of both the old men and women were involved in a confrontation and the women were victorious. In the course of the confrontation, the men made some remarks that seem derogatory and portraying the female race as a gender of no societal value, aside from their domestic functions as wives and mothers at home. This when compared to the ancient Greek society could create some kind of semblance in the way women are being treated as slaves and object of sex (Aristophanes 33). The crux of the women’s argument is the fact that they want to be recognized as an important element in the Greek society. They realize the impact of their hard work in the society and would not want the selfish interest of the men, whose quest for self glorification undermine the interest of the society at large. Lysistrata unbound by Machado Machado represents one of the modern adaptations of the original play by Aristophanes. The focus of the play by Machado was centered on a matron that was transformed by the current war situation tearing apart the family structure in the society. The play exonerates the will power of women as opposed to the notion presented in the Aristophanes’ original conception of male dominance. Machado added a feminist angle to the play, which serves as a basis for the differences from the original plot. The answer to question two The use of chorus in the play, Lysistrata unbound helps in the translation of the play to the audience in a clear and explicit manner. Most Greek plays possess an element of dance and chorus which is more visible by the audience, but the difference with Lysistrata unbound is the way the chorus was employed as a unifying element that joins the dialogue between the women and older men. In the modern adaptation of the play, the chorus was employed as an element that helps interpret the tension and respite in the play. For example, the conversation between the chorus of old women and chorus of old men reflected the tension and respite that accompanied the act in the play. Thus, at some point, it functions as a sort of comic relief, which takes away the shine off the tensed atmosphere caused by the confrontation. While in the original play, the use of chorus signifies the rich Greek culture employed deliberately by Aristophanes to create an avenue where there would be an opportunity for both parties to confront each other. Without the chorus, there possibly could not have been any other avenue for the confrontation to take place. It would be quite irrational for the women to have taken arms against the Greek male whose main occupation is to execute warfare. A careful analysis of the chorus would point out the intention of Aristophanes in employing chorus as a dramatic element. In the course of the chorus, the women saw an avenue in which they could express their desires and anger at the male folks while the chorus of old men ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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