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Aristophanes could have thought of other ways to encourage the men to end the war but he instead though of a “sexual strategy”. This is quite humorous since it is very out…
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Extract of sample DISCUSSION: LYSISTRATA by Aristophanes

Download file to see previous pages She is very intelligent, smart and knows how to manipulate people. She stands out in a male-dominated society and able to lead the other women in the play. The strength of her character earns for her the respect of the women and men in Athens and Sparta.
One considers the play unrealistic because during those times, the women are powerless. It is impossible for a woman like Lysistrata to lead Athens and even control the men. Lysistrata’s plan of asking the women to refuse sex with their husbands to make them agree to a treaty of peace is quite preposterous.
The moral of the story is that peace is a better alternative than war. The play also wishes to convey that women should be treated as equals by men. They too have a role in society and should not be perceived as mere sex ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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...of his character and the wellspring from which the play emanates. Comparing him to Sappho and “...the [her] fiery and lucid directness,” Lindsay suggests a balance of male-female characteristics present in both genders, pointing to “the profoundly balanced humour of Aristophanes, at once tenderly human and cruelly hard” (Lindsay par 3). Lysistrata to Cleonice mourns the absence of her fellow women, whom she has called to discuss her plan, mocking their absence and suggesting the lure of sex as first as remedy [after as weapon, a symbol of power]. Lysistrata: Oh! if it were what you suppose, there would be never an absentee. The question becomes, can...
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... they are strong when their objective is just, and by that the author shows that in unity there is strength. The author portrays Athenian women, therefore, who have decided not to take any more of the Peloponnesian war. All women from varying Greek states gather in order to form an alliance that seeks for peace. Reference: Faccionti, Laura. Lysistrata. Aristophanes. Retrieved November 24, 2011, Viewed from http://us.penguingroup.com/static/pdf/teachersguides/lysistrata.pdf... The interests of the Greece women related to the war in the lysistrata play From the play, women scold the old men by informing them that they had to do men’s jobs such as preparing sacrifices for gods as well as paying taxes to the state while the...
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..., courageously and in a very public way. Protestors today may not share the same immediate threats as Lysistrata, but the dangers are still there. Lysistrata is such a compelling figure of strength and determination that even a Greek guy wearing a mask could evoke the emotion Aristophanes infused in this character. Of course, modern sensibilities prefer that a strong, intelligent and probably beautiful actor be used to bring this character to life. This is the way of Hollywood, after all. But from the standpoint of acting and emotion, the real character of Lysistrata lies in the writing of Aristophanes. The medium used to bring this character to...
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...Reaction Paper: Lysistrata the Play Lysistrata is a play by Aristophanes whose composition was inspired by the Peloponnesian war, which occurred between Athens and Sparta. The play’s interesting nature is from the fact that women take the center stage, as they have both antagonist and protagonist roles in the play. The play depicts strength in numbers particularly strength of a woman and this makes me like the play. I managed to get a chance of attending the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and the Philly Fringe. I can happily state that this was a splendid experience. Essentially, I was astonished, by the way; Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod directed the play Lysistrata....
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...LYSISTRATA: A REVIEW Introduction Lysistrata, a play written by Aristophanes, doubles up as one of his most unique andpopular pieces. The title of the play (Lysistrata) is the [Greek] name of the main characterwho happens to be a woman. Aristophanes remains one of the greatest icons representing Greek comedy and drama, and also the one whose most works are still preserved to this day. Of the average forty plays he produced, eleven are still relevant today. He lived between 450 BC and 388 BC, a span remarkable for Old Comedy. Old Comedy is the period when there was freedom of political criticism and burlesque, mime and chorus still characterized comic dramaturgy. In Lysistrata, the main subject revolves around the rise of feminism... . In...
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