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Lysistrata play - Essay Example

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The play’s interesting nature is from the fact that women take the center stage, as they have both antagonist and protagonist roles in the…
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Lysistrata play
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Extract of sample "Lysistrata play"

Reaction Paper: Lysistrata the Play Lysistrata is a play by Aristophanes whose composition was inspired by the Peloponnesian war, which occurred between Athens and Sparta. The play’s interesting nature is from the fact that women take the center stage, as they have both antagonist and protagonist roles in the play. The play depicts strength in numbers particularly strength of a woman and this makes me like the play. I managed to get a chance of attending the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and the Philly Fringe. I can happily state that this was a splendid experience. Essentially, I was astonished, by the way; Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod directed the play Lysistrata. Macleod made me love the play Lysistrata even more. This is a reaction paper to the play Lysistrata by “Naked Feet productions”.
Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod proved that she was not an amateur, but a respected director of Greek plays. As a founder and director at “Naked Feet productions”, she showed her prowess by bringing a team together with the aim of performing the play Lysistrata. Her experiences include performing, choreographing, writing, singing, directing and teaching art.
The following are the characters in the play. Kalonike was played by Meryl Lynn Brown, Myrrhine played by Jill Lawrence, Lampito played by Eleonore Thomas, Isemenia played by Cathrene Mary Moroney, Kinesius played by William Crawford, Senator played by Daniel Tobin, Panny played by Lawrence Beck and lastly, Aristophanes played by Robert Zaller.
The production featured hotchpotch of ages, costume, attire and acting styles that transformed the acting into a splendid experience. The director through the play exceptionally brought the themes of war and women’s role in society to light. Lili Beta, a renowned Greek performer who played as Lysistrata quantified this through investing enthusiasm and effort in her character. Rallying women to go against their men particularly in a chauvinistic society is quite a difficult task. The production incorporated adapting the play to suite modern times, and in my opinion, MacLeod did a good job on this.
The first instance that demonstrated professionalism in the play Lysistrata directed by Macleod was Lysistrata’s accent. This was a clear depiction of Greek accent by Beta, and it intimately linked the play with the audience. In fact, the audiences were seen smiling when the scene called for Lysistrata’s conversation. The words that the audience could use to describe the play are experiences, which were both shocking and amusing.
A clear demonstration of chemistry between the actors from “Naked Feet productions” in the play was evident. I understand that this chemistry must have come from a lot of practice behind closed doors. The audience could notice that the actors had invested in diligence, as they truly gave the show all their time and energy. In essence, any facial expression or body movement that was executed by a character embodied the scene and the role, which was to be played.
When watching the play, I had the feeling that I was in the mind of Aristophanes at the time he was writing this play. In general, the audience felt as if they were witnessing the actual events that occurred at the time the play was written. The imagination after the play could be described as Greek lifestyle coming back to life.
In conclusion, Lysistrata is a play that is worth dedicating time to watch. The magic in it is the idea that an old Greek play is acted in a modern manner, but it still emits the concept that the author originally had in mind. I truly appreciate the work that was done by “Naked Feet productions”.
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Aristophanes. Lysistrata. Athens, 410 BC. Print. Read More
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