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From the play, women scold the old men by informing them that they had to do men’s jobs such as preparing sacrifices for gods as well as paying taxes to the state while the men are concentrating with the Peloponnesian war. In the meeting planned by lysistrata, the women…
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Download file to see previous pages From the play, where there is a loud noise from behind, lysistrata then informs the women that the sound is from women taking the acropolis and so citadel of Athens is theirs, and they should protect it from being destroyed by the war. Women seek for equal recognition; Lysistrata puts it clear that the power of a woman ought not to be underestimated.
The author features paramount themes including: the cross-gender war, absistence bears peace, make love instead of war, and never to underestimate woman’s power. Although men in Greek society hold power they lack intelligence, common sense as well as the peaceful nature of women and from play, women are portrayed as weak by men who treat them as weak but by getting united they are strong when their objective is just, and by that the author shows that in unity there is strength. The author portrays Athenian women, therefore, who have decided not to take any more of the Peloponnesian war. All women from varying Greek states gather in order to form an alliance that seeks for ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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...Your full and Number of Gender Power and Tradition in "Lysistrata" by Aristophanes The play Lysistrata is, among other aspects, a unique study in gender qualities. As characters Aristophanes has chosen different types of women as benchmarks by which to measure the strong, independent and decidedly “male” character of Lysistrata-- eloquent as a speaker, thoroughly involved in the politics of the day. Other women in the play possess “traditional” female characteristics, which Aristophanes not only disputes through the character of Lysistrata, Aristophanes holds up to scrutiny the necessary ideal of the feminine as powerless as falsely conceived. The intent of...
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...The theme of protest directed towards war in Lysistrata is just as viable today as it was thousands of years ago. Warfare has certainly changed singAristophanes penned Lysistrata but the futility of war, the debasement of civilized human beings into savages and the inability of war to really change anything in the human condition are still relevant. The death of a loved one thousands of years ago evokes the same sense of loss today. The enemy, cause and motivation of the war is irrelevant. Even wars that are deemed to be justified, or good wars, leave a generation that mourns for lost brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. Protesting war was just as risky for Lysistrata as it is for many today. She chose to do it defiantly... ,...
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...Lysistrata by Aristophanes The humor in the play is focused on the strategy that Lysistrata thought of in order to end the war. Aristophanes could have thought of other ways to encourage the men to end the war but he instead though of a “sexual strategy”. This is quite humorous since it is very out of the ordinary and is presented in the play in an interesting way. One finds the part of the play where Kinesias was shown with a full erection and pleading his wife, Myrrhine for sex, funny. One’s favorite character in the play is Lysistrata. She exemplifies the characteristic of a good leader. She is very intelligent, smart and knows how to manipulate people. She stands out in a...
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...English 26 November Lysistrata and Democracy The Greek drama comedy Lysistrata is an anti-war satire and it is an interesting combination of incongruity of role-reversal of women and men. The play is set in an era where women were stereotyped as being too frivolous, meek and vapid and were looked upon as ornaments or objects with no useful purpose in the society of Athens. Aristophanes through his play deals with many political as well as social stereotypes which not only includes the Athenian concept of a woman’s place but also political issues such as democracy and peace. Lysistrata presents the readers with a very apt portrayal of various perspectives of men and women regarding issues...
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...Reaction Paper: Lysistrata the Play Lysistrata is a play by Aristophanes whose composition was inspired by the Peloponnesian war, which occurred between Athens and Sparta. The play’s interesting nature is from the fact that women take the center stage, as they have both antagonist and protagonist roles in the play. The play depicts strength in numbers particularly strength of a woman and this makes me like the play. I managed to get a chance of attending the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and the Philly Fringe. I can happily state that this was a splendid experience. Essentially, I was astonished, by the way; Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod directed the play Lysistrata. Macleod made me love...
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...LYSISTRATA: A REVIEW Introduction Lysistrata, a play written by Aristophanes, doubles up as one of his most unique andpopular pieces. The title of the play (Lysistrata) is the [Greek] name of the main characterwho happens to be a woman. Aristophanes remains one of the greatest icons representing Greek comedy and drama, and also the one whose most works are still preserved to this day. Of the average forty plays he produced, eleven are still relevant today. He lived between 450 BC and 388 BC, a span remarkable for Old Comedy. Old Comedy is the period when there was freedom of political criticism and burlesque, mime and chorus still characterized comic dramaturgy. In Lysistrata, the main subject revolves around the rise of feminism... . An...
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