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Power Of Images In Marketing - Essay Example

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Power of images in marketing Name Institution Power of Images in Marketing Introduction In marketing, the first impression to a consumer always has a lot of impact, which may either be worthwhile, or detrimental (Sturken, Douglas and Cartwright, 2012). In a world that is driven by technology, many firms, companies, and business people are quite aware of this fact…
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Power Of Images In Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages It is also worth noting that a bad picture may also affect negatively a company’s product. Therefore, it is very important that a company chooses a good image – one that can attract the consumers towards the product in question. The image chosen should stands out and should be able to provide an emphasis of the company’s core values of what is being marketed. One such company that uses the image to market its products is the Nivea skin and beauty care products. This paper will discuss the power of pictures in marketing of Nivea products. The essay will also explore how certain pictures are associated with some feelings, which motivate the customer to buy the product. Finally, the essay will explore why certain pictures make some consumers buy a certain product even though they may not need the product. Breiting (n.d) argues that a picture plays an important role in marketing a company’s product in a number of ways. This includes documenting a company’s offers, in which the picture can be used to portray a company’s brand image. Therefore, the more it is attractive to the customers, the more customers will be willing to accept it. This is because it functions as an eye catcher, and persuades buyers in a positive mood. Nivea is a company that recognizes the power of image in promoting its skin and beauty products. The company understands that the picture they portray on the product gives its customers an impression regarding the product and the company’s values, which has contributed to the rising sales volume of the product. For instance, Nivea has made use of picture in advertising of Nivea Visage Young from the time of its launch in 2005. The images used in the advertisements are shown below: Figures 1&2: Images used by Nivea This picture used by Nivea to promote its Nivea Visage Young has a lot of impression just by looking at it. By portraying a beautiful woman with a child having soft, smooth and attractive faces the company informs the customers that this good is a beauty and skin care product. The impression that the customer may have of this product is that it smoothes and softens the skin besides offering protection. The other impression that a customer may deduce of the image is that the product is suitable for both women and girls. The mood as portrayed by the picture also communicates a lot about the product. It has the impact of informing a customer that by applying Nivea Visage Young, one feels good, attractive and jovial. The flowers on the background are also a show of beauty, which many consumers may want to associate with. Nivea recognizes image as one of the driving forces behind the increased sales turnover of the product since it was launch (Dinsdag 8 Maart, 2011).However, it is worth noting that the picture may also invoke the feeling that Nivea Visage Young is only meant for the ladies and not men. This is because, the marketers of the product have only chosen to portray the image of a woman and a young girl. This implies that the image may be detrimental in case men are also expected to use the product. This implies how important it is to choose the right image to use in promoting a given product (Dinsdag 8 Maart, 2011). Certain pictures make consumers buy a certain product even though in the actual sense they do not need the product. This scenario is common in the world of sports and celebrities in which an individual may buy a t-shirt associated with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Power Of Images In Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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