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Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of Text, Image and Meaning - Essay Example

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Topic:Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of Text, Image and Meaning [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Discussion 3 2.1 identification 3 2.2 Sequelae 4 2.3 Semiotic comparisons of two advertisements……………….……………………….5 3…
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Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of Text, Image and Meaning
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Download file to see previous pages Publicity about something or the other is abounding everywhere. It could be the latest supermarket deal or a televised advert. Advertisement is so commonplace in the world. Yet people are unaware of the effect that advertisements have on an individual. It is the apparent ability of an advertisement to create a pseudo need or want in the viewer (Chalkley, pp. 65, 2012). It is the pervasive powers of an advertisement that can make an individual accept or purchase something that he or she may have not previously needed. The most basic aim of an advertisement, print or media, is to provide alluring information about any product, commodity or service to the individual masses and this in turn causes the free market economy to sustain itself. According to semiotic theory, the most important aim of an advertisement is to assume a form that is indirectly disconnected from the product knowledge aspect and directly concerned with the selling aspect. An advertisement aims to coax people into developing an interest and longing for a product, service or experience (Bell, pp. 29, 1997). Therefore it is a sort of hedonistic approach. It tries to mimic the primal function that was traditionally taken care of by art, religion or science. Advertisement is known as the official art of the western world. Advertisement form a body of knowledge that is composed of codes which in itself is composed of signs. These signs, according to semiotic theory claim to influence the thinking and perception of an individual who views them. Advertisements indirectly form a rudimentary perception of the world of the viewer. Semiotic theory is basically the study of nonlinguistic sign symbols. In the matter of media, it is also employed as a form of intertextuality. The capability of a sign to convey some information is dependent on the concept that it can be differentiated from other signs which look similar (Chalkley, pp. 77, 2012). Take the example of two very different advertisements: the advertisement of the Mona Lisa as a world famous symbol of beauty and purity versus another advertisement that uses the Mona Lisa as an example of a hair style. There are two very different concepts that are being employed in this case. Semiotic theory dictates that an advertisement may not impact the viewer in the first viewing. However it intends to invite the viewer to create a linkage between the advertisement and other daily life events or objects. 2. Discussion 2.1 Identification The aim is to achieve a sort of association in the viewer. Therefore a semiotic theory teaches that advertisements make use of a source of information that is already based on the mind of the viewer. It is a kind of reference system that is inherent in the mind of the view which may have to the viewer. It only becomes important as it is interpreted in the context of the advertisement. Advertisements are a form of Neurolinguistic programing because they aim to influence the viewer to give importance to a particular product, feature or point of view. However this is only the tip of the iceberg. Semiotic training dictates that advertisements aim to form visual, audio and combinatorial means to influence people to search for, locate and obtain information that will lead the person to obtain the service or product that is needed. We can further elaborate on this point. When we take the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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