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Consumer Behavior, Marketing and Semiotics - Dissertation Example

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The paper “Consumer Behavior, Marketing and Semiotics” seeks to evaluate semiotics, which is very useful in understanding consumer behavior. Semiotics mainly constitutes the linguistic turn in the sciences that discuss human nature and behavior. Semiotics is a particularly very powerful tool…
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Consumer Behavior, Marketing and Semiotics
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Download file to see previous pages Theories of consumer behavior constitute a wide area in the field of Microeconomic. Microeconomics discusses the behavior of the individual agent of an economy, like an individual, a family, a firm etc. Consumers Behavior which is considered to be a major part of Microeconomics discusses how a rational consumer behaves under different circumstances. While discussing a consumer’s behavioral pattern at some particular time under a particular situation theory of consumer behavior take into account elements from a wide range of areas including psychology of a rational consumer, sociological perspectives, anthropology and finally economics. Theories of consumer behavior actually aim at providing a rigorous understanding of the decision-making process of a ration buyer in a market economy. It also tries to find out impacts on a consumer’s choice of certain things of several actors like a family environment, preference pattern of friends, and behavioral pattern of the socio-cultural group he/she belongs to. In the studies on consumer behavior, examination of a consumer’s behavior is mainly based on his/her buying behavior where a consumer is assumed to play the roles of the user of a commodity, the payer of the price of the commodity as well as the buyer of the commodity. (Solomon et al. 2006)
Consumer behavior is partly unpredictable, though in some cases the type of marketing strategies might affect the purchasing behavior of the consumer. There are different sections of the consumer in a society formed according to the basis of monthly household income, for example, lower income class, higher income class etc. (Earl and Kemp, 2002; Solomon et al. 2006) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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