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Manufacturers and advertisers are facilitating and improving on this aspect of modern consumerism. This is achievable through science and strategic packaging and advertising. The impulsive and uncertain nature of modern consumption…
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Download file to see previous pages Shopping centers and catalogs are coded frameworks that do not just encourage people to purchase as a habit, but also more importantly, assist people in building their sense of identity.
Shopping centers are a preferred topic for the concerns of traditional conservatives (Flanders 104). Shopping centers also concern parties that find consumerism a crucial lifestyle. Consumerism is undoubtedly the traditional center of modern consumption. Critics of consumerism note that shopping centers have slowly turned into places where youth convene for social purposes. As a result, shopping centers slowly became places where senior citizens and the aged rarely came to socialize. Shopping centers attract people from different ethnic backgrounds, social status, age, and professional positions. According to Pressdee and John Fiske, shopping centers are public places formally, but in fact very selective socially (Flanders 104). Frequent goers of shopping centers do not exercise the freedom of speech or assembly. Owners of these shopping centers closely monitor and filter what goes in and out of their businesses’ premises. For instance, shopping centers inhibit the diverse multitude of companies and authorities that occupy open spaces. This is because such spaces apparently hide a prevalent private authority.
Shopping centers practice comprehensive and clandestine authority not just in the regulation of conduct, but also in the building of the perceptible and audible public discussion (Flanders 105). The source of this consumption is what society today uses to relate to its identity, views, and desires. Consumption is the focal point of the discourse of fashion among outlying consumers. Teenagers, especially female tend to send a great deal of time and their parents’ money in shopping centers. The time spent by teenagers in shopping centers surpasses the money. Here, teenagers overcome the simple products they are used to at their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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