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Buyer Behavior - Essay Example

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The markets that are seen through strategic windows are not abstract concepts-they contain people. In order to understand how changes in the market occur, not only does an organization have to understand the broader issues in the business environment and the views of the market perceived by competitors, but it also has to understand the buying behaviour of the people themselves.
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Buyer Behavior
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Extract of sample "Buyer Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages Various models of consumer behaviour have been developed over the years. The models reflect the different buying situations in which consumers find themselves.
Factors influencing consumer behaviour must be considered as well as similar factors influencing the buying decisions in business to business transactions. An understanding of these factors and how they influence the buying decision are extremely important when putting together a selling strategy. Market research also plays an important part in helping to identify relevant facts about buyer behaviour (consumer or organizational) and provides all kinds of information which forms the basis of strategy formulation.
A motive to make a certain purchase is an internal state of the purchase. While consumer behavior is observable, motives are psychological constructs that can only be inferred. Buying motives for consumer products may be classified as economic, emotional, product, and retail patronage. Some of the motives may be rational while others are emotional. To illustrate, economic motives include product durability or economy in use. Emotional motives might include romance, pleasure, or prestige. Product purchase motives might involve ease for making repairs or ease of installation. Patronage motives relate to variety for selection or promptness in delivery. Motives relate to perception. Motives come from the consumer's real self, self-image, ideal self, and looking-glass self. The way consumers envision the situation to themselves helps to shape their reactions or responses to marketers' appeals (Sharon, Boyle, 2004: 343).
Consumer goals and needs are constantly changing in response to environmental conditions, interaction with others, and physical conditions. As individuals realize their goals, new objectives may be established. New levels of aspiration may surface. For example, if an individual loses ten pounds of weight another objective to lose an additional fifteen pounds may be established. Moreover, marketers need to be attuned to changing needs and goals. Automobile manufacturers have recognized the consumer's need for prestige or status. This need may be less important as some consumers seek safety or family enjoyment as reasons for purchasing a new car. Since many families own more than one motor vehicle, ownership of a Volvo sedan or station wagon, a pickup truck, and an economical used car for an adolescent might represent diverse needs.
The reason consumers choose one brand over another may be vague and unknown to them. Why consumers choose one brand of refrigerator over another may be based on personal experience, an advertisement, a friend's comment, a salesperson's presentation, the location of the retailer for service or some other factor or combination thereof. Brand switching may occur as a result of changing needs, a dissatisfaction with the current brand used, or because a friend, relative, advertising campaign, an article in Consumer Reports, or other influence persuaded that consumer that a better benefit or value can be derived by switching brands.
Marketers, by identifying and appealing to consumers' motives, can generate a positive environment for the sale of their products. A study of men depicted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Buyer Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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