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Ideological Analysis: The Graduate - Essay Example

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The main focus of this paper “Ideological Analysis: The Graduate” is providing a critical analysis of The Graduate film, putting into perspective its perceived ideologies and its co-relation with Sturken articles on film. The Graduate seeks to promulgate the ideology of moral decadence in modern world. …
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Ideological Analysis: The Graduate
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Download file to see previous pages Shifting focus to The Graduate film, the completion of studies at a higher institution of learning is considered as the prime time age and future opening for any individual with a bright outlook ahead. This is since the completion is characterized by continuous job hunt. Job searching is evident to most graduates and luxury comes last but as the holy book-the Bible states an idle mind is eventually a devil’s workshop. True to these words is the Graduate film. Shot in a home setting, the Graduate sheds light on the lives most graduates exist in to make ends meet after a fruitless job hunt and depression coupled with boredom. The Graduate is regarded as a popular film due to its ideology consecutiveness to today’s society although it was shot in the 1960s.
Defined as the ground-breaking film of the 1960s, the Graduate is a film that chronicles the life of a college graduate known as Braddock who finds himself in compromising situations in trying to fit into the societal values of his time. Braddock is introduced to a society he knew nothing thanks to the confinement to schoolwork. Engrossed in a society inherent of diverse moral values such as sex, the graduate brings out the lives many-a-college graduates’ face in their daily lives. It provides an analytical predisposition of the emergence of earthly beliefs cognizant of heavenly teachings.
Moreover, the graduate film portrays a confused graduate worried about his future in the social-gratifies environment. The graduate film opens up with Benjamin Braddock’s face; the youthful lad in his early 20s and son of a successful Los Angeles lawyer and a typical housewife who has only returned home after triumphant honors at the university unaware of his future prospects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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