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Depiction of Culture in the Band's Visit - Essay Example

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[Professor Name] [Course Number] [Professor Name] [Date] Depiction of Culture in The Band’s Visit The Band’s visit is an Israeli movie released in 2007. The movie is directed by Israeli screenplay writer and director Eran Kolirin. The movie was Israeli original foreign language film however, since it contains more than 50% English language dialogues, it was rejected by the academy when submitted for 80th Academy award…
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Depiction of Culture in the Bands Visit
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Download file to see previous pages The importance of cross cultural understanding has been impressively portrayed in the movie through the tale of Egyptian police orchestra arrived in Israel to play at the inauguration ceremony of the Arab Cultural Centre. When they arrived Israel there was no one at the airport to receive them and they seek the way to get at the spot at their own. On their way to reach the spot, the members of the group communicate and miscommunicate with each other and their interaction with each other and people in Israel shows the differences of cultures that influence the understanding of each other. The members of the band fall in to the problems due to the difference in the pronunciation of some letters in Arabic and English however, as they proceed they found that despite several cultural differences they share lots of human characteristics with the Israelis. The visit allows them exploring the similarities within the different cultures. The story of the movie tells about the situation when two set of people belonging to different culture interact with each other. The movie shows the strength of cross culture understanding and also explains how lives of the people are affected while moving in a culturally strange society. It gives the message that only the sense of humanity could help people in such situation because when someone could see them as human and not people of other culture they could come forward to help them, otherwise the culture biasness never allows people of different cultures to openly help each other at their best. The Egyptian band lost in Israel eventually reached a fictional town that was not their actual destination. At the town they were helped by a kind-hearted restaurant owner Dina who arranged space for the band members to spend night at her home and homes of her friends. While spending the night at the Israeli people’ homes the Egyptian bands and their Israeli hosts got the opportunity to know each other beyond the political and culture differences as they interact with each other as ordinary people regardless of their cultural identities. The movie shows that lives could become easy when people learn to put humanity first and political and cultural boundaries at second place. The band could face even tougher situation if people they met in Israel with give more importance to political and cultural boundaries and less to the humanity. However, their kind behaviour based on humanity allows them understanding each other and help each other to find out the way out from the troublesome situation the Egyptian band was facing in Israel. The night spent at the homes of the Israeli people turned out to be an interesting, funny yet challenging episode for the band members that changed their lives in little yet important ways by adding to their understanding of people from different cultures on the base of humanity. The strange and funny night spent by the band members allowed the learning a lot from the Israeli hosts and at the same time the Israeli people also gain cross cultural understanding during their stay at their homes. The movie talks about the challenges that the people often encounter while interacting with the people of other c ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Depiction of Culture in the Band'S Visit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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