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Analysis of the Film Doubt - Essay Example

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Analysis of the Film “Doubt” Introduction The film “Doubt” appeared before its audience in 12th December 2008 for the first time and was it circulated widely on the eve of Christmas. The film was premiered in October, 2008 at the AFI Fest. The film “Doubt” was written and directed by John Patrick Shanely…
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Analysis of the Film Doubt
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Download file to see previous pages The film was outstanding for the performance of its actors and all of them received nominations for the 81st Academy Awards. In the film, Meryl Streep plays the role of Sister Aloysius Beauvier, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays the role of Father Brendan Flynn, Amy Adams plays the role of Sister James, and Viola Davis was seen as performing the role of Mrs Miller whereas Joseph Foster plays the role of Donald Miller. Alice Drummond was seen appearing as Sister Veronica and Pauli Litt as Tommy Conroy. For the outstanding performance in this film Viola Davis was nominated first time at the Academy Awards and Amy Adams second time for the best supporting actress. Philip Seymour Hoffman was nominated as best supporting actor and subsequently won the award. But most critically and commercially acclaimed was the performance of Meryl Streep as Sister Aloysius Beauvier and for this performance, she received twelfth nomination at the Academy Awards for the best actress and which she ultimately bagged. Cinematography: The Aesthetic Facet Cinematography plays a very vital aspect in film making. The interplay of light, setting, color, capturing of a moment and over all editing played a vital role in building up the whole impression of the film. At the same time, its relation with the plot, thematic aspects and character development demand a complete coherence and should properly compliment the entire collaboration. A slight incompatibility of all these factors might agitate the entire feel of the film. The cinematography of the film, “Doubt” is executed by Roger Deakins and an in-depth analysis of the film easily launch the audience to a plethora where they are able to perceive the fact easily that the film “Doubt” is more concerned with a feeling than propagating an idea. The cinematography operating in this particular film is pitch-perfect. A major point in the cinematography is that it does not take away the concentration of the audience form the main plot or the story line of the film. This is done quite intentionally as the no one can deny the fact that the play “Doubt: A Parable” had on their audience and the movie is definitely retrospection of the play and to relive this fact, director Shanely left no stone unturned and did not allow any technical glitch to the film which can subvert the literary aspect of the film. Shots & Angles Implementation of sharp angles to manifest the proper mood of the picture is utilised to its optimum length. The shots are taken at a quite simple way delivering the proper elegance of the story. The most remarkable aspect in this regard is the opening of the shot which was decked up in simplicity and only few movies in Hollywood open with such simple way implementing minimum technical support. Yet the film never lost its charm, elegance or dignity. Cinematographer Deakins and director Shanely proved that simplicity can be an archway for elegance and it has its different sober yet sombre effect on the mind of the viewers. In a particular scene where Meryl Streep looks at the sky and enjoys the fall of the leaves all over her body, the work of camera had been superb. The face of Meryl is shot from top here and the camera slowly gets away from her face capturing the feeling and facial expression intact. At the same time, the frame also captivates the fall of the leaves simultaneously. Color As regards to the color scheme operating in the film, cinematographer Dea ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of the Film Doubt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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