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Psychological Analysis of the Film High Fidelity - Movie Review Example

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This psychological analysis deals with the film “High Fidelity,” as it tells of Rob Gordon, the main character, as he reflects and tries to resolve his dilemma on his relationships with women. …
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Psychological Analysis of the Film High Fidelity
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Download file to see previous pages During the time when she said that, specifically after the funeral of her father, she even asked Rob to make out with her (out of her anxiety). Thus, throughout the scene, they had a confrontation, which soon led to getting back together.
More so, Rob displays his liking for Laura as he talks to himself, stating top five reasons why he likes Laura, that to include: her habit of rubbing her feet while sleeping, her laugh, her looks, her getup, and just the way she carries herself. In fact, Rob's anxiety throughout the plot was caused by their breakup, leading him to conclude that she may be the one he wants to spend his life with forever and does everything he could to get her back. He also reiterated that he is so miserable without her that it is not worth thinking about alternatives. He constantly thought of whether or not Laura ever had the chance to make out with Ian and even got to the point of frustration because of sexual thoughts of Laura and someone else.
In social exchange theory, rewards and costs are of high regard. The female, who most likely receives intimacy and concern from the male, out of love, gives herself sexually to her partner. On the other hand, the male, who has the angst for sexual pleasure, also receives what he desires. Hence, the theory also pays high regard to the equivalent of the reward, which most of the time turns out to be a sacrifice for both parties. However, since they really acquire their hearts' deepest desires through the exchange, they both find their relationship worth those costs (Wang 2). Moreover, because of this theory, people experience feeling like there is no one to replace his or her significant other (Gire).
The framework that exists in the social exchange theory is vital to understand the workings of the...
During and after viewing the film, as I applied the concepts of Social Psychology to the instances portraying particular theories and hypotheses, I learned the forces responsible for the actions of the characters, as well as the different motivations possibly to influence the thoughts of each one.It seems that whatever one experiences is brought by particular instances rolled into interweaving situations as they connect to the lives of one another. Furthermore, it became really evident why Rob was acting like he did in the film. I understand now that the reason why Rob keeps on being dumped by women or vice versa because at his 30’s, he still hasn’t found peace within. His environment, wherein peer pressure was really clearly shown (during his adolescent years), contributed to his thoughts that happiness is just within if only he will get what he wants. Now, at an age when one usually marries and already has children, he keeps on asking himself why he just cannot settle on.
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