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Feminist analysis of the film pretty woman - Research Paper Example

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Feminist Analysis of the Film “Pretty Woman” Introduction Feminism is an organised clustered movement that initiated during early sixties and focused on the establishment and defence of the women equality and right pertaining to political, economic, and equal opportunities of women…
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Feminist analysis of the film pretty woman
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"Feminist analysis of the film pretty woman"

Download file to see previous pages The first wave is mainly referred to women’s suffrage, the second wave is associated with the liberation movement of women and the third one is related and can be felt through the continuation of the movement through the reaction evolved in the field of art and literature and perceived as the failure of the second-wave of feminism which began in the 1990s. The first wave of feminism is related with suffrage movements of the nineteenth and first-half of the twentieth century. This particular wave in the feminist movement was concerned with the women’s right to vote. The second wave of feminism began in 1960s and was related with the major focus on women liberation which campaigned for the equality of women in legal and social front. In cultural context, feminist film, art or literature evolves out of the movement and forms its four distinct principles pertaining to four schools of thoughts. Also sometimes pieces of art, literature or aesthetics are judged and viewed from the feminist perspective. The same perspective can be judged after giving a close introspection to the film “Pretty Woman” which appeared on the silver screen in the year 1990 as a romantic comedy written by J. F. Lawton and directed by Garry Marshall. The film stars casted Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the leading roles along with Hector Elizondo and many others. The plot of the movie centres round the down-on-her-luck prostitute from Hollywood, Vivian Ward who acts as an escort to the rich businessman Edward Lewis for a week in his business trip. The story is all about their brief period of staying together and their growing relationships. This film can be viewed from a strong feminist bent and all the four critical theories and principles of feminism somewhere peep through the lighter plot of the film. Thesis Statement This essay tends to analyse myriad subtle and intricate feminist perspectives and interpretations entwined within the plot of the film. The essay also intends to discuss the critical role of the four principles of feminism operating throughout the film. Pretty Woman: A Feminist Discourse The plot of the film centres round seduction; love and its development of a Hollywood prostitute Vivian with a robot like multi-millionaire, Edward Lewis. At the outset of the movie we are introduced to a woman who is not doing well with her business of prostitution. The body of Vivian (played by Julia Roberts) is subjected or rather exposed for material pleasure and as a prostitute, Vivian sells her body and her body is likely to be viewed as a mere commodity. The critical theory of liberal feminism plays well here. According to the theory or principle, the parameter of gender prejudice is based on the individual ignorance. And education is seen as the key tool against the battle for gender discrimination (Sociology, “Feminism: Basic Principles”). In the film, the prostitute Vivian is not educated and so she is compelled to choose a profession where no much brain work is needed. But during her stay with Edward Lewis we can hear few real wise statements from her which proves her intelligence. Also Vivian at the first acquaintance with any person irrespective of men or women gives the option that she is ready to be called by the name that the other person pleases. This kind of an instruction clearly indicates a threat to the existence of Vivian as an entity and creates an existential crisis for her. With Vivian, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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