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Daddy and Diving into the Wreck: A Feminist Analysis - Essay Example

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Two poems that reflect feminism will be analyzed in the paper and those are entitled “Daddy” and “Diving into the Wreck.” Both female poets had the concept of feminism in their works though they differ in the way they tackle the issue. With feminism, it is the effort to end sexist biases…
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Daddy and Diving into the Wreck: A Feminist Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages It tends to transform the lives of many women and change the views of men toward the counterpart in various ways. Through such kind of movement, the attention of the society goes deep into the prevailing systems that cater domination and connections of gender, race and social status biases. The efforts then showed the overall conditions of women in the society as it serves as the starting point for further studies and analysis (Adams 240). The fight for equality and issues on the female sex are then Explored in literature as poets and writers make their literary pieces about those matters. Two poems that reflect feminism will be analyzed in the paper and those are entitled “Daddy” and “Diving into the Wreck.” The poem “Daddy” was written by Sylvia Plath while “Diving into the Wreck” was made by Adrienne Rich. Both female poets had the concept of feminism in their works though they differ in the way they tackle the issue. Sylvia Plath tackled feminism through her controversial life that made her be considered as-the most controversial Modern female poet. She received massive criticisms for her relationship, life, and works. Her works created new perspectives on literature as she combined the feminist issues that linked formation and disorganization. Her works influenced the people regarding the masks and feelings that women project in the 1960s. Her works reflected her personal insights and experiences that showed how women like her dealt with her life. Many wandered what would have happened if she had not died early on her career as she made unique literature like the poems filled with anger as she directed her emotions toward her separation with her husband and fellow poet, Ted Hughes (Mishra 202). The same theme was reflected in her poem “Daddy.” On the other hand, Adrienne Rich wrote her poems and other literary works with the feminist theme that showed female vulnerability and cultural distortion on experiences of females and even made use of idiomatic expressions upon topics on women (Stringer 569). Rich is a feminist not only through her works as She also Taught about feminism in Stanford University (Head 937). By going deeper to the contents for the two poems, the main perspectives of the authors can be analyzed. “Daddy” was the poem rich in anger as-the author Plath released her emotions against her experiences with her father who was Otto Plath, an entomologist. In the poem, she killed her father in her psyche and tried to do so by making the first attempt of suicide. It seemed that she had an inner guilt for the death of her father that she desired to fulfill by contemplating suicide. She was in ruins when her father died before she was able to get over with her Electra complex. The result was an extreme father image that haunts her psyche which became the concept of Daddy in her poem. He was infallible and difficult to overcome in the-mind of the author (Gill 40). Despite the death of her father, she was still haunted by his omnipotence and “resurrected” through the man whom the speaker married. He resembled her father very much from his appearance to his behavior. She also showed how patriarchal society oppressed women as she made use of Nazi, Facist, and Jews in the picture of the Holocaust and how women suffered (Yingling and Wiegman 155).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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