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Female Objectification in Contemporary Films from Different Origins - Research Paper Example

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Instructor Date Female Objectification in Contemporary Films from Different Origins Female objectification refers to the depiction of women in terms of physical objects that men should look at and then act upon (Lindner, Stacey and Florian 222)…
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Female Objectification in Contemporary Films from Different Origins
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Download file to see previous pages This is due to the fact that individuals are physical beings and thus present themselves to others as objects via their behavior and dressing (Caterina 709). Objectification is an issue because of its frequency among women especially as portrayed by the media. Contemporary examples of women objectification as sexual beings are reflected through various films. This research paper uses the feminist theory of gender equality to give critical discussion of women objectification as portrayed in three contemporary films. The research is based on different film productions to achieve sufficient analysis and discussion of female objectification within contemporary films that emanate from different social cultural origins. The research is specifically an investigation into the roles and objectification that is revealed by female characters within the films. The way female characters in the films are labeled is used to discuss the influence it has on the manner men treat women in relationships. A qualitative research methodology is employed in the research. The presentation of research findings will specifically apply psychoanalysis, semiotics, ideological analysis and historical and rhetorical models. The movie Pretty Woman was directed by Garry Marshall and became one of the most successful romantic comedies in the history of cinematic production (Hulse 23). The movie depicts implausible romantic relationship between Edward and Vivian. The disparity between the two is presented by the fact that while Edward is a multimillionaire in the wheeler-dealing business, Vivian is a Hollywood prostitute (Hulse 23). The film How Much Do You Love Me on the other hand is a French production which also has same thematic as Pretty Woman. In the film How Much Do You Love Me, the themes of love, money and desire are presented through a relationship between Francois and Daniela (Clark 15). Daniela is an Italian prostitute while Francois is portrayed as a regular who earns just enough for expenses and rent. The Movie Moulin Rouge is British production directed by Baz Luhrmann. On the other hand, the movie Moulin Rouge is about Christian, a British poet who meets a seductive courtesan called Satine in a night club and falls in love with her (Business Wire 1). The three films have a commonality in themes and the fact that female objectification is apparent as they unfold. The feminist theory as postulated by feminist scholars argues that female objectification emanates from the disregard of intellectual abilities of women. This leads to labeling women as instruments of physical pleasure through sexual encounters with men (Felicia 178). The movie Pretty Woman rankle feminists. This is due to the fact that Vivian objectifies herself by presenting herself as a commodity (Turner B1). Feminists are most likely disappointed by the manner in which Vivian dehumanizes herself. Vivian is also portrayed as yearning for a knight who would rescue her. The objectification that is represented by the manner Vivian is dressed, behaves and talks is a requirement for her line of work is not definitely acceptable by the proponents of feminism. It is evident that women are labeled as sexual objects within the movie Pretty Woman especially in its early scenes. Pre-feminists are represented by a historical view of the role of women within the society. Pre-feminists stand against labeling a woman as a mother who stayed at home and acted as submissive wife (Fredrickson and Tomi-Ann 173). Watching the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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