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Remarkable Expansion of Hawaiis Tourism - Research Proposal Example

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From this paper “Remarkable Expansion of Hawaii’s Tourism” it’s clear that all the island’s residents, companies and institutions are involved in the tourist business. It is necessary to develop programs to stabilize this branch and minimize its negative environmental, economic, cultural impacts. 
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Download file to see previous pages Today, Hawaii is a primary traveler destination with more than six million tourists each year. Producing $10Billion each year, tourism becomes a chief provider to the Hawaiian economy. The state’s visitor industry accounts for 26.3% of the Gross State Product (GSP) and supplies 32.1% of employment to Hawaii residents. Waikiki, with only an area of 1 square mile, is the busiest tourist district providing 11 % of all of the state’s employment, and yielding 12 % of incomes from state and local taxes. In a study done in 2002, the Survey of Resident Sentiments on Tourism in Hawaii showed that 50 percent of residents surveyed said that tourism has been beneficial to themselves and their families and is a positive contributor to employment (80%), their living standard (67%), shopping choices (70%), and the overall quality of life of natives (67%).
Hawaii’s economy is fully dependent on the tourism industry, thereby increasing its vulnerability to any variations in the air tourism industry and changeability in tourist advertising by the Destination Management Organization (DMO). Five decades after the boom of the tourism industry in Hawaii, the industry has seriously modified and affected the indigenous culture and ethnic multiplicity of the state's evolution (Johnson, C 2010). Even though the state's wealthy natural resources of stunning beaches and sand, magnificent sun and exceptional plants and animals magnetize visitors worldwide, intense tourism and an escalating local population have affected the fragility of Hawaii's environment. The industrialization growth throughout the islands of Hawaii mounted issues over the sustained conservation of the cultural legacy and consecrated spots of the native Hawaiians. To this day, the sustainable tourism industry is a major issue faced by Hawaii (Johnson, C 2010).
This paper will discuss the benefits of tourism to Hawaii as well as the growing concerns over the stability of Hawaii’s economy, the conservation of the natural environment, the continued preservation of the cultural heritage of the native Hawaiians, political manipulation, and employment. Proposed strategies to minimize critical issues will be provided. Moreover, tourism supply and products will be defined in addition to the application of the Systems Theory on Hawaii tourism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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