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Hawaii - Essay Example

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This research paper talks about Hawaii which is a collective name given to a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. The name is based on the biggest island of the cluster, and is synonymous with vacations and a nice time in the sunny weather. Hawaii has an exhilarating natural scenery…
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Extract of sample "Hawaii"

Download file to see previous pages According to the paper the diversity of the place is also evident through its people, as it is full of culturally rich communities that are as charming and welcoming just as much as they are outgoing. Due to the small geographical foot print of Hawaiian Islands, it gives the impression of friendliness and safety, which is actually the case. Hawaii is generally safe and offers one comfort.

This essay stresses that there are some unique features and places that make Hawaii particularly so special and important to me. One of these is the Volcano National Park, which is a relatively expansive park that gives a very unique experience and view of the beauty of nature. Being a nature loving person, this is one of the features that most resonates with me. The numerous nature trails are always something to look forward to, and so is the general vicinity of the park. Additionally, the cuisine that characterizes the visitor center is among the best in the world, and always gives the impression that Hawaii is arguably the best place to be on a warm sunny day. Moreover, it is possible to get some accommodation to enjoy rest after a long day of hiking and exploring the area. Additionally, there is also a host of other geographical features that are equally mesmerizing to view first hand, from the lava beds, to the different types of beaches, one gets to see more than expected, and this gives individuals an open and wide perspective of nature’s finest details. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Hawaii Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Hawaii Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Hawaii Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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Racial Harmony throughout Hawaii the states of America. It is interesting to realize that Hawaii specifically represents harmony in itself among the states of America. In other words, Hawii is a model of harmony that aspire the rest of Americans. It follows that Hawaii is a link or rather a channel that enforces harmony to the states of America (Lee 14). The above is true according to the common sense that, for any given individuals of different caliber to stay together then it needs harmony. It applies to the state of Hawaii, with the relationship it has with the rest of the states of America. According to the experts, several reasons have been drawn to represent the harmonic symbol of Hawaii to the...
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Japanese Immigration to Hawaii

... their bright future and life both themselves and their next generation. They put in meticulous work and attained their goal because of patience, determination, and perseverance. On their initial arrival, the Japanese got a good hold in agriculture. They worked as agricultural laborers. They were paid very low wages than others. Also they had to pay more to acquire lands compared to others. Slowly the Japanese immigrants established themselves and became good competitors in agriculture. On farm lands they began to earn more due to their hard work and also by working for longer hours. Consequently, the reputation of the Japanese became higher and as a result their wages increased, and they soon took over the others in Hawaii. Gradually, like...
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Geology in Hawaii

...nterstate highway. The geology of a region governs the availability of essential raw materials such as important ore minerals for metallurgy, clay for pottery, building stone (ornamentation and construction), gemstones and gold for decorative arts, as well as sand for glass making. The use of such materials is innately joined to emergent technologies and limited by their quantity, accessibility and quality. The knowledge of geology in Hawaii is defined by the practical extent of a rock or mineral resource, and aid construction of models that can predict its viability. Earthquakes occur all over Hawaii, frequently without noteworthy warning or caution. These geohazards can have extensive effects on human and on the earth’s surface....
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History - Annexation of Hawaii

...who did not see the annexation in advance. Subsequently they became influential politicians and destabilized the monarchy. They indirectly wanted Hawaii to become a part of the U.S. so that they did not have to face the dilemma of paying the tax. Despite her plea “to undo the actions of its representatives” U.S. government did not allow her to access the throne again. One side of the story told by the businessmen was that the reason they overthrew the queen was because it was a corrupt and dissolute regime. They were more interested in installing the advance democratic principles. The Western power was keen on acquiring the island because of its rich coaling station and a promising naval base. The native population...
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Volcanic Smog in Hawaii

... smog results when sulfur dioxide mixes with different other gases, moisture, and sunlight in the atmosphere. Sulfur dioxide is produced, whether the volcanic activity was small or big. The effects of volcanic smog are greatly felt by those people living very close to the volcano. However, those living far away from the volcano are still affected, though in a lower measure. This is mainly because of the action of winds, which transfer the smog to different areas. In Hawaii, it is estimated that there has been approximately 50 volcanic eruptions in the twentieth Century only (Rado Web). Water in the area is greatly affected by the volcanic smog. First, there is the formation of acidic rain when sulfur dioxide in the gases emitted reacts...
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The Annexation of Hawaii

...d control of the procedure. The process itself was rocky indeed, being ultimately accomplished only after years of international negotiation, domestic debate, and political maneuvering. The importance of the event was significant enough in its day, but it would prove even more important half a century later. The annexation of the territory that would eventually become the fiftieth state was far from easy. Background The events preceding the annexation of Hawaii were a mixture of economic and political dynamics that had been brewing for several decades. Those circumstances would ultimately be brought to a clear conclusion by the outbreak of the Spanish-American War. The economic background immediately preceding the debate over...
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The Biome of Hawaii

... is regarded as a home for active volcanoes and the tallest sea mountain of the world, Mauna Kea (, 2007). In addition, the website provided the average temperature: 75 degrees to 88 degrees Fahrenheit from April to November, and 68 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit from December to March, with an average water temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Encarta Online Encyclopedia (2007), eight main islands, namely Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kahoolawe, Oahu, Niihau and Kauai take almost the state's entire area of 28,311 square kilometer, with 98 sq. m. of inland water. The other part is composed of islets, coral reefs, and shoals. Thus, it is considered to be one of the smallest state in America. The Issues Affecting...
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.... Flow of energy is unhindered over a sub system’s physical boundaries as inputs and outputs. Taking the example of a stream as an open sub system where energy remains in the form of soil, rock fragments, solar energy and precipitation; all these forms of energy enter the stream excluding heat energy that scatters into the atmosphere and the stream bed. Water and the matter of the stream ends into the ocean and the stream system get input from the precipitation. Same is true of the physical geography of Hawaii. Due to continuous eruption of lava from with in the ocean body, Hawaii islands have come into form. Hawaii’s coastlines present one of the most vivid and changing environment. All spheres of earth meet at its coastline—hydrosphere...
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Reducing mongoose in Hawaii

...nagement into resolving the issue. There is the need to have the endangered species of animals and plants (threatened by mongoose) saved while still conserving the mongoose because the retaliation efforts by the citizens present another threat to the mongoose species. This paper therefore proposes the creation of management/conservation zones for the mongoose in Hawaii, which would help through protecting them from human beings while at the same time reducing their detrimental effects towards human beings. The position of this paper that conserving the mongoose through conservancy zones would present an amicable solution to the current issue is because the solution has proven with other species on endangered species of wildlife. By...
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Pets Rights in Hawaii

... to be provided with basic requirements and be treated in a fair manner. The law protects animals from being exposed to harsh conditions and suffering when there is an option of affording them a nice environment. The research will help to answer the following questions: i. Which laws in Hawaii have been implemented to support the rights of animals? ii. What is the level of abuse of the rights of pets in Hawaii? iii. Which rights groups have been formed in Hawaii to fight for the rights of animals? iv. How is the progress of other states in towards the rights of animals? Purpose of the research The purpose of the research is to find out the level of the abuse of pets in Hawaii. This information will help in determining the best way...
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