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The Benefits of Tourism - Assignment Example

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These benefits can be classified into three broad categories; economic benefits, socio-cultural benefits and environmental benefits (Mak, 2004). As regards the economic benefits, tourism has been…
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The Benefits of Tourism
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Extract of sample "The Benefits of Tourism"

The Benefits of Tourism January 3, The Benefits of Tourism Tourism has many benefits to many countries and different regions globally. These benefits can be classified into three broad categories; economic benefits, socio-cultural benefits and environmental benefits (Mak, 2004). As regards the economic benefits, tourism has been regarded as one of the top income earner for some of the developing countries while still being a top export earner for most countries by generating billions of dollars in revenue. The tourism industry provides different employment opportunities in the hospitality industry directly while also benefiting other industries like transport industry and agricultural industry indirectly (Mitchell, & Ashley, 2010). Additionally, other economic benefits like infrastructural development in form of roads, airports and facilities like hotels are achieved. With enhanced opportunities, expansion of the economy and the means of livelihood is made possible. Consequently, with tourism, more revenue is generated into the economy which assist the society to achieve better services. On the socio-cultural front, tourism has provided an opportunity for local communities to show their distinct and unique cultural values and customs while also opening out their natural resources to the tourists and in the process diversifying regional economy (Tapper, 2006). Consequently, by providing the platform, tourism encourages a feeling of belonging in the society and pride which encourages the preservation of the means of livelihood of the people in form of their culture and traditional beliefs. On the environmental front, apart from supporting conservation efforts financially and creating awareness regarding natural resources management, tourism also ensures that the community’s environment, cultures and the community’s heritage through putting in place effective policies, proper planning and research which makes the tourist destination more reliable and desirable hence acting as a marketing tool for the destination (Mak, 2004). Additionally, through environmental conservation campaigns in forms of sports activities like marathons, tourism adds more value to the destination which benefits the local tourism business.
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