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Analysis of the Hospitality and Tourism Provision in Portsmouth - Essay Example

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Some of the events conducted at this place are; concerts, carnivals and themed days. In addition, Golden Jubilee visit by Her Majesty The Queen, The Tall Ships Race, the EDS Atlantic…
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Analysis of the Hospitality and Tourism Provision in Portsmouth
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the Hospitality and Tourism Provision in Portsmouth"

Download file to see previous pages the funding provided to the council was utilised for improving the notorious accident prone areas and a number of road junctions (The Berkeley Group, 2012).
Approximately 31 cities and night time economy centres of the UK have been granted the Purple Flag status. These include, Bournemouth, Bristol, Leicester Square, and Winchester. Upon adopting this methodology for improving evening and night time offer, Gunwharf Quays can acquire the Purple Flag accreditation. In addition, it will be able to provide better and varied evening and night time fare for those who reside, work, study or visit Portsmouth (Shaping the Future of Portsmouth, 2013).
As such, the Purple Flag accreditation informs visitors that there is vibrant, easy and safe access to evening entertainment. Moreover, it would provide businesses with a lucrative area to invest in. This accreditation emerged from the research project conducted by the Civic Trust. This project discerned that centres are used to a greater extent at night, only when they are accessible, safe and provide variety (Shaping the Future of Portsmouth, 2013).
Moreover, the presence of a diverse clientele enhances perceptions. In this context, the Portsmouth Community Safety Survey 2012 demonstrated the presence of a substantial difference betwixt the perception of crime and anti-social behaviour, in comparison to the actual experience of such crime. Furthermore, the presence of a vast array of attractions and consumers results in long term economic viability and improved tourism (Shaping the Future of Portsmouth, 2013).
A pragmatic and all inclusive audit of the evening and late night economy is provided by the Purple Flag accreditation process of the Association of Town Centre Managers. The evaluation is on the basis of certain specific criteria. Some of these are appeal or the wide variety of venues providing several different types of activity. Movement or the presence of safe, well managed and affordable public transport. Such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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