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Writing Workshop Theorists and Overview - Essay Example

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There is a fantastic deal of data portentous that improvements in writing will have a payoff across the curriculum. Writer’s workshop is a frame for writing practice and instruction in the classroom…
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Writing Workshop Theorists and Overview
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Extract of sample "Writing Workshop Theorists and Overview"

Download file to see previous pages For an effective achievement of writing workshop, it must have mini-lessons running for 5-10 minutes; where students get enlighten on common experiences and ideas in writing. Independent writing follows, a stage, which students reveal their capacities in writing while following guidelines given. Another component of a writing workshop is conferencing during independent writing with students and teachers. Sharing follows a stage that allows students to identify different mistakes while also learning from their counterparts. It is in this regards that a total workshop time should be 30-50 minutes. The success of the writing gets attributed to various workshop theorists including Nancy Atwell who is the most respected educator in USA. Her work in writing and reading workshops has inspired many generations of students. She has enabled students to adopt various qualities such as being independent as well as sophisticated writers (Atwell, 2002). Among the books, she has authored include first hand lessons, which change writing techniques among various writers just by reading various articles from Nancie’s file cabinets. She propels the momentum is students mainly through seventh and eighth grade writing as well as history of teaching and learning. Lucy Calkins is another writing guru, who has authored many writing materials. Common core reading and writing, for instance, is one of her books and companion resources, which keep the fire of writing burning. Donald Graves is also a writing expert who revolutionalised the writing arena in many ways (Fletcher and JoAnn, 2001). He carried out widespread research in different languages making various publications. Writing teachers and children is a book he authored in 1983 which gave various ways writing should follow. Also in the list of prominent writers, is also Regi Routman who is in memory for having intimate knowledge of teaching and writing. She provided many helpful tactics for learning English including teaching, reading and writing essentials as well as how to solve various writing dilemmas. She has helped the writing arena through widespread research bring into practice various teaching essentials. Consequently, she has held varied workshops to strengthen, and coach writing in schools including Heinemann professional Development consortium, where she demonstrated exemplary grasp of workshop writing. Last but importantly among the experts of workshop, writing is Dorothy Strickland. She has authored many books and held many conferences in writing making her, a prominent workshop skill source. Her book, beginning reading and writing; for instance, offers ground braking knowledge to workshop skills (Fletcher and JoAnn, 2001). Research proves that writing workshops allows students chose their writing, work on their own and find their voice. For flexibility, a writing workshop should have a predictable future, regular time and favorable atmosphere. These are conditions, which pose a challenge to teachers and students. This is because they cannot make head or tail of the tin box atmosphere in writing. This is a statement, which means writing workshops should have standards similar to a work place in the real world. Students must respect and gain professionalism as well as a workmanlike atmosphere for real writing (Atwell, 2002). This is an atmosphere where explicit routines and set rules of writing get followed for successful writing. Consequently, students must have all writing requirements including pencils, notebooks, pens, highlighters as well as any relevant material for writing. Last but importantly a writing workshop must have a regular schedule, which enable students develop habits, which allow them work independently, while taking responsibility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Writing Workshop Theorists and Overview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Writing Workshop Theorists and Overview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Writing Workshop Theorists and Overview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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