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Mixing Qualitative Methods: Quality Assurance or Qualitative Quagmire - Annotated Bibliography Example

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In this paper “Mixing Qualitative Methods: Quality Assurance or Qualitative Quagmire?” the author discusses the various ways a researcher can use qualitative methods. For example, the author reminds researchers that more than one concept can be used when analyzing health research…
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Mixing Qualitative Methods: Quality Assurance or Qualitative Quagmire
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Extract of sample "Mixing Qualitative Methods: Quality Assurance or Qualitative Quagmire"

Download file to see previous pages Campbell’s article provides a good overview regarding how one can use the new features of today’s modern technology in order to assist with research.  The use of technology cannot only save the researcher time but can also create more accurate results. Campbell’s article provides a good overview regarding how one can use the new features of today’s modern technology in order to assist with research.  The use of technology cannot only save the researcher time but can also create more accurate results. Cengage Learning. (2005). Statistics Workshops: Hypothesis Testing. _workshp/hypth_test/hypth_test_01.html Cengage’s website provides the researcher with helpful statistics workshops.  These workshops can allow the researcher to test his or her hypothesis while progressing with the study. Cengage Learning. (2005). Research Methods Workshops. h_wrk.html  Cengage provides researchers with several helpful items on their website, including a research methods workshop.  This workshop helps to ensure that the researcher is very familiar with the necessary research methods before he or she progresses into a study. Charles, C. M. (1995). Introduction to educational research (2nd Ed.). San Diego, Longman. Charles’s book provides the researcher with an overall introduction to the various methods of educational research.  This book is extremely helpful for the introductory researcher and provides a helpful overview of those planning to indulge in educational research. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Mixing Qualitative Methods: Quality Assurance or Qualitative Quagmire Annotated Bibliography)
Mixing Qualitative Methods: Quality Assurance or Qualitative Quagmire Annotated Bibliography.
“Mixing Qualitative Methods: Quality Assurance or Qualitative Quagmire Annotated Bibliography”, n.d.
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