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Non-traditional Approaches and Potential for HRM Research in Health Care - Term Paper Example

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The author discusses three select non-traditional approaches to research. These are social constructivism, action research, and story-telling or narrative. The author also discusses their strengths as well as their weaknesses and identifies the research questions on which they can be most useful. …
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Non-traditional Approaches and Potential for HRM Research in Health Care
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Extract of sample "Non-traditional Approaches and Potential for HRM Research in Health Care"

Download file to see previous pages The constructivist view is that knowledge claims are justified if we agree that they are useful in reaching our practical goals (Colliver, 2000, p. 49). Achieving practical goals is more important compared to verifying or proving that our knowledge corresponds to reality (Colliver, 2000, p. 49). Thus, in a sense, the achievement of practical goals takes precedence over the correspondence of knowledge with reality even if social constructivism also seeks to expand or reconstruct our knowledge. Research methods following the social constructivist approach follow the said principles. According to Colliver, prior to social constructivism, realism was the dominant theory of knowledge (2000, p. 49).
According to Elliot (2010), some of the research methods that follow social constructivism include ethnography, ethnomethodology, discursive approaches, critical work, and post-structuralist work. Elliot associated ethnography with Watson (1994)1, ethnomethodology with Samra-Fredericks (2004)2, discursive approaches with Boje (1991), critical work with (Deetz), and post-structuralist work with Ashcraft and Mumby (2004) and Collinson (2003). Elliot elaborated that the said research methods use approaches and techniques like narrative analysis semiotics, discourse analysis, conversational analysis, and ethnography.
As a research approach, social constructivist approaches hold that the relationship between the researcher and research is not a one-way street but rather as a bi-directional process in which each influences each other (Elliot, 2010, citing the work of Alvesson and Skoldberg, 2000, p. 39). This is what Elliot (2010) calls as “reflexivity” in the social constructivist approaches.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Non-Traditional Approaches and Potential for HRM Research in Health Term Paper.
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