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A proposal document including a literature review. Your assignment should be presented in a professional report format and include a 1,500 word literature review addressing green issues in relation to the MICE sector - Essay Example

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The industry is recognised to be organising special events through exhibition, meetings, corporate travel, conference and incentive travel among others…
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A proposal document including a literature review. Your assignment should be presented in a professional report format and include a 1,500 word literature review addressing green issues in relation to the MICE sector
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Extract of sample "A proposal document including a literature review. Your assignment should be presented in a professional report format and include a 1,500 word literature review addressing green issues in relation to the MICE sector"

Download file to see previous pages In the modern tourism industry, MICE has been organising special events in several countries, which are mainly dependent on the tourism industry. In this context, the tourism revenue of Singapore is mainly dependent on MICE. Malaysia is also identified to be focussing on increasing business in MICE tourism. According to the article published by International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), MICE tourism is one of the most revenue earning sectors in the world. As per the global ranking of ICCA, the USA and Europe are the leading players in the MICE business. In this context, Vienna is leading in Meeting industry and Singapore is leading in the conference industry (Travel Daily News, 2014).
The objective of the study is to figure out a proposal, which is mainly prepared for a health conference. It will be organized by a big health organization. The aim of the study is to describe about the environmental factors, which is important for MICE. The study will also focus on the “green” issue, which will be included in the proposed conference.
According to Zamzuri & et. al. (2011), MICE is an important segment of the tourism sector. It has proved to be a potential source of revenue earning, but it has few some negative impact on the environment. As per the Zamzuri & et. al. (2011), Environmental degradation can be identified through misuses of energy, transportation and water at the time of organising any event. In this context, the report published by Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (2014) signified that MICE have been organising special events with better considerations towards the environmental concerns. The MICE industry with the intention of ensuring that events are organised in a cost effective and environment conscious manner has adopted the notion of green concept. As per the report of Singapore Tourism ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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