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Sustainability within National Parks - Essay Example

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Sustainability within National Parks Table of Contents Part 1 3 Part II 9 Introduction 9 Recommendations for Venue/s, Catering, Services/Suppliers 9 Recommendations for Keynote and Supporting Speakers, Conference Format and Timetable, Including Ideas of Themes for Each Session 11 A Well-Considered Luncheon Menu 13 Case Histories/Best Practice Which May Include Site Visits/Demonstrations 14 A Social Event for the Evening for those who wish to Remain after the Formal Close 15 Recommendations for Local Accommodation 15 Suggestions for Marketing the Conference to the Intended Audience 16 Outline Budget for the Day with Recommendation on Cost of Attendance 18 Suggestions for Use of IT throughout t…
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Sustainability within National Parks
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Download file to see previous pages MICE is commonly organised through meetings, exhibitions, conferences, corporate travels and incentive travels among others as a mechanism to generate awareness among the global communities regarding a particular issue. The special events are organised to attract visitors from global contexts, assisting in generating revenue as well, with the intention to support any developmental need towards sustainable development. It is in this context that these special events are identified to be attached with various environmental issues such as polluting air, water and land immensely. Nevertheless, organising MICE has also been criticised on the ground that holding these special events causes excessive use of non-renewable energy, increased transportation and abundant use of other natural resources such as water among others. According to Zamzuri & et. al. (2011), special events have adversely affected the environment due to increased wastes, inappropriate way of waste management, increased transportation and unnecessary materials purchasing among others (Pizam, 2012; Zamzuri & et. al., 2011). However, with a much positive perspective, according to Pao (2004), special events, which include conference and corporate meeting among others are organised in various locations with the intention of generating revenue for economic development. These events are identified to develop the tourism sectors; but on the other hand, they are identified as important sources affecting the ecological environment of a country at large causing pollution, traffic congestion and waste among others, within a short span of time as compared to other sources of similar environmental degradation (Anand, 2013; Wood & Brotherton, 2008). These environmental issues, identified from events organised under MICE, are also classified as those factors accountable for increasing social costs and thereby, affecting the environmental equilibrium (Pao, 2004). Green Business Tourism The tourism industry has aimed at developing an effective and eco-friendly environment with the aim of attracting visitors and making a country an attractive location for organising special events (Lau, 2009). According to Lau (2009), there are three main players that are associated with MICE, which include clients, suppliers and other players like government and sponsors among others. The organisers of MICE thus need to held meetings and exhibitions and other intended functions in an appropriate manner with the aim of ensuring that events are executed with better considerations towards the environmental sustainability responsibilities and societal stability. The organiser should also develop and initiate policies as well as measures on the basis of which, meetings and exhibitions should be conducted. Moreover, the organisers should seek that the site where the MICE events are to be organised, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sustainability Within National Parks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words - 1.
“Sustainability Within National Parks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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