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Critically Evaluate How ICT Is Applied To the Tourism and Hospitality Industries - Essay Example

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In the contemporary business environment, companies operating in the global and domestic markets need to strategize their moves in an efficient manner in order to enhance their sustainability for a longer period of time. Arguably, it is the reputation of the company that enables…
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Critically Evaluate How ICT Is Applied To the Tourism and Hospitality Industries
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Download file to see previous pages rating in the tourism and hospitality industries also face immense competition amid themselves owing to the increasing numbers of entrants and established brands offering similar products and services. Companies possess the need to develop effective strategies to deal with such scenarios. They need to perform effectively in every aspect of their business so that they can outdo the performance of their competitors and obtain greater advantages that can suffice their long-run sustainability needs. It is often argued in this regard that proper execution of the plans and decisions of the business is the ultimate approach that can substantiate effective performance demanded by a modern day organisation (Pride & et. al., 2010).
In this regard, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) performs a key role in the proper execution of organisational operations, keeping in mind the needs of modern companies, which can be explicitly observed in the context of tourism and hospitality industries. ICT is often considered as one of the extensive constituents of Information Technology (IT). However, unlike IT, the concept of ICT stretches more on the aspect of communication. The concept of ICT in any form of industry including the tourism and hospitality industries commonly involves the execution of activities such as incorporation of telecommunications technology with computers and other essential software, which further allows the user companies to access, store as well as share information among their various operational departments. It would not be erroneous to depict in this regard that ICT has its influences in various sections of the business and it acts as a major driving force in deciding the performance of the business operations of companies functioning in any sector including tourism and hospitality sectors. The significance of ICT for companies operating in any sector can be affirmed from the fact that it is actively implemented in certain specific and vital ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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