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Dynamics of Hospitality Industry Management - Essay Example

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Hotel managers should therefore have sufficient understanding of these laws in order to be well acquitted with the techniques of developing proper strategies to reduce the vulnerability of a hotel business to potential litigation and equip the hotel staff with adequate knowledge…
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Dynamics of Hospitality Industry Management
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Extract of sample "Dynamics of Hospitality Industry Management"

Download file to see previous pages From staff and client safety to property destruction and severe liability concerns, businesses in the hospitality industry are now being faced with distinct and complex issues which must be solved in order to reduce the vulnerability.
The primary goal of individuals involved in the hospitality industry is to offer the finest experience attainable to the guest walking in to their businesses. This is the preponderant issue which pushes the hospitality industry.  
Sustainability standards are closely related to public awareness. Failure to have these standards might result in the destruction of the brand’s image. That is, customers lose interest in the business
Effective communication, first time interaction with a customer plays a vital role in enhancing security. If individuals working into the premise with some ill motives are duly greeted and officially served, for example with use of “hello? How may I help you?” they often cannot be anonymous which leads to revelation of their intentions.
Security is a major issue in the hospitality industry and should be handled cautiously as it tends to control the fate of various businesses in the industry. Security threats inhibit the growth of the industry generally as it affects the customer traffic which in the ends affects the revenue ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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