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Research Proposal/ Sports Tourism in the UAE: Implications for cultural acceptance and participation by women - Thesis Example

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The issues that will be the subject of qualitative research include the nature of impact of sports tourism measures that encourage women participation…
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Thesis Research Proposal/ Sports Tourism in the UAE: Implications for cultural acceptance and participation by women
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Extract of sample "Research Proposal/ Sports Tourism in the UAE: Implications for cultural acceptance and participation by women"

Download file to see previous pages 3). The great impact of qualitative research is the culturally precise and contextually rich data it yields (Mack, Woodsong, MacQueen, Guest & Namey, 2005). That is why this study needs to go in depths of UAE society and produce conclusive research. Dubai is progressing in leaps and bounds and the whole world considers it a hub of economic activity but when it comes to cultural values and participation of local women in regular ‘manly’ businesses, the world considers Arab women bound and deprived. The prevalent perception is that women are oppressed in these regions of the world and despite of all major business activity in UAE, people are still living in middle-ages regarding cultural norms where men call all the shots and women are only obedient servants. Despite the fact that strengths of foundation of UAE culture are evident and they play a major role in social dynamics of the country, dramatic changes are gaining grounds in UAE society (Peck, 1986). That is why qualitative methodology is so effective in this context that it addresses core issues from all significant angels. It includes social dynamics of UAE as well as various possibilities of impacts of sports tourism. Another factor that needs to be studied in this research is the administrative measures in this respect. The role of leadership is a deciding factor in this context. And according to Conger (1998), Alvesson (1996) and Bryman et al (1988), the advantages of qualitative approach in researching leadership role include;
Other than these mentioned features, a qualitative research method tries to comprehend the problem or matter at hand from the people’s point of view and incorporates social values and dynamics that directly affect the research. Qualitative method is specifically useful for dealing with culturally specific researches and that is the reason why this method has been chosen for researching the impacts of sports tourism in UAE on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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