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Proposal- Sports Tourism in the UAE: Implications for cultural acceptance and participation by women - Thesis Example

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Every country intends to establish the events of sports their nation. This study focuses primarily on the role of sports in the tourism of the UAE and the participation…
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Thesis Proposal- Sports Tourism in the UAE: Implications for cultural acceptance and participation by women
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Extract of sample "Proposal- Sports Tourism in the UAE: Implications for cultural acceptance and participation by women"

Download file to see previous pages It has been found to be a greater interest regarding the increasing participation of women in the sports events. Women are taking part in different kinds of sport that include athletics and other sports suitable for them. Women are more and more moving on the path of their dreams and fulfilling them. In the process, the sports activities of the country have also gained significant importance and attention over the years. Now the media is willing to consider the promotion of country’s sports related activities and their talents and their capabilities of hosting big sporting events in their country. Even Muslim countries are gradually moving out of their traditional cultural beliefs and supporting the participations of women in sports. As studies reflect by him Turkey has been known to take the initiative of allowing women of their country to take part in sports and send them to the Olympics. Women also proved themselves by winning medals and announced the arrival of a modern sport to have in the nation (Houlihan, 2008, pp.543-544). According to a different era of writers which includes Darraj and Goldschmidt (2008) they presented the view that the main intention has become improving the lives of such women who possess talents but are unable to present them owing to the lack of support from the population of the nation (Darraj, Goldschmidt & Puller, 2008, p.58). According to Preuss and Liese (2011) the participation of women in sports has been found to be a meter to learn the level of development and conservatism among the Muslim population and how much the participations of the women in sports are acceptable in the society (Preuss & Liese, 2011, p.48). Thus the different studies reflect that the UAE has improved in its state of acceptance of women participation in sports and other activities that has allowed the country to have more number of participants in the sports ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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