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Low cost carriers - Essay Example

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Low cost carriers Introduction The rising cost of living and conducting business has led to the emergence of a group of airline companies that are categorized under the low cost carriers or budget airlines that have low fares and less comfort services as compared to other airlines…
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Low cost carriers
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Extract of sample "Low cost carriers"

Download file to see previous pages In this paper, an article published in the air transport management journal discussing the airport choice factors considered by low cost airlines in Europe will be evaluated while relating the relevance of the practice to tourism and hospitality. The passenger attitude determines the success level and indices of any project introduced into the market and thus the success of such a project in the end. An article published in the same journal on a case study conducted to evaluate the perception of passengers on low cost airlines and full service carriers will be evaluated. Articles on low cost carriers According to Smith and Potter (2005), the success of the low cost carriers, an increasingly significant means of transport in Europe, is influenced by the choice of the airport. This determines the success or failure of the airline with the increasing competition in the airline industry put into consideration. The authors thus conducted a survey of eight European airports to ascertain the influence they have on the success of the different low cost carriers that uses its runways. The significant growth in the number of low cost carriers in Europe who are known to use regional or secondary airports has increased the competition among different airports that agitate to secure their services. This competition has been exploited by the low cost airlines to demand for reduced service cost thus enabling them to reduce their services tremendously and fit the budget of majority consumers. With the increasing competition for the low cost airlines by regional airport, most of these carriers have been enabled to put a number of factors into consideration when choosing the best airport to use. A number of factors are shown in this paper to influence the choices made these airline carriers when choosing the airport of choice. Ryanair, one of the main low cost airline companies in Europe has a number of considerations that it makes when choosing the airport of choice. These factors include the airport charges that each airport levies, the ability of the carriers and the planes to make a quick turnaround, presence of simple terminals and rapid check-in facilities. The availability of good passenger facilities and accessibility influences the attitude of the passengers when the airline company thus considers choosing the best airline and it. According to this evaluation, Smith and Potter (2005) generated from their study the impact that an airport catchment area has on the choices made by the airline companies. Regional or local airports that are located in areas where the demand for low cost carriers is high is considered highly by low cost airlines as this translates to increased passengers available to use the airlines. The services offered by low cost airlines fall under a specific niche and thus making low cost airlines sensitive to airports with the potential demand for their specific niche of services. Slot times for takeoff affects operation of an airline especially the low cost airline thus making it an important consideration for LCCs when choosing their airport of choice. Airports with convenient takeoffs, landing and turnaround schedules attract the services of most low cost airlines in Europe as compared to other airports that do not. Such slots must also be readily available during the day for the planes to enable the LCCs maximize fleet utilization. The fees charged by the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Low Cost Carriers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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