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The service format provided by the airline caters majorly for the young people therefore it is not popular with the old people. This format therefore isolates other demographics. …
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SWOT analysis: Easy Jet airlines
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SWOT analysis: Easy Jet airlines al Affiliation) STRENGTHS: Easy jet has gained a reputation for providing the cheapest within the UK and Europe
Easy jet has undertaken corporate social responsibility by embracing environmental conservation and its strategies are geared towards environmental protection
The airline has gained significant market share in the airline industry. In 2014 more than 50million used the jet a 12% increase from the previous year.
The airline has good advertising with its clients through the use of a very attractive website. For instance it offers online promotional alerts to its clients
The airline has a fairly good safety record ranking number 22 in the whole world and has further included modern airplanes to its fleet.
The airline routes cover the whole of Europe and cover more flight times
The Airlines are more reliable and statistics shows 93% of the flights arrive at least 30 minutes before time (Bäder, 2015).
The airline boosts a good customer service provided within its Airlines and its ranks higher than British airways and Ryan Air
The service format provided by the airline caters majorly for the young people therefore it is not popular with the old people. This format therefore isolates other demographics.
The airline has a single booking system which is online therefore it doesn’t cater for those who don’t use the internet (Bäder, 2015).
The Airlines don’t offer free food service on flights that exceed two hours which has made them loose customers
The airline has limited departure airports. The airline has routes to big cities however it doesn’t reach important airports like the Heathrow airport.
The lack of provision frills has made customers shift to other cheaper Airlines (Bäder, 2015).
Easy jet has the opportunity of expanding to other regional markets all over Europe and additional cater for specific client segments.
The Airlines could have strategic partnerships with major airports so that they can expand their current route system
The airline can take advantage of the changing customer preferences by offering more frill services.
The Airlines could additionally add more modern airplanes for instance the airbus in its fleets to remain competitive.
The Airlines could introduce travel packages with tours which would attract travelers with distinct types of travel experience.
The airline could focus on business travels which are less influenced with shifting economic cycles.
The internet revolution provides the airline with a platform where its booking system will become more accessible to its customers.
The airline has been experiencing an increase in the airport fees charged which has significantly reduced the margins. The Airlines can counter by getting into agreement with the airports on cost cutting measures.
Competition has been on the rise and Airlines are charging similar ticket prices and offering more frills. The main direct competition threats include Fly Be, Ryan Air and Lufthansa (Bäder, 2015).
The airline has been faced with ever fluctuating oil prices which has affected its margins
Internal factors like labor unrest and strikes demanding more wages is a threat to the company’s operations and cost structure.
The terrorist threats are a threat to the company’s operations as terrorism incidences have been on the rise.
Environment threats can also affect the airline’s operations for instance the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud whose occurrence affected its operations (Bäder, 2015).
Bäder M, (2015) Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Easy Jet’s Annual Report 2013: Including a Comprehensive Analysis of Financial Ratios and Industry Standards Benchmarked against Main Competitors Munich: GRIN Verlag Read More
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SWOT Analysis: Easy Jet Airlines Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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